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December 6th, 2000, 09:28 AM
:mad::mad::mad::mad:Are we heading for a another fight for seperate lend, but what would be result ??? same as Khalistan and kashmir, lots of lives and nothing after that....., please read following article from Indiatoday and visit http://www.dalitstan.org/tamil for more:mad::mad::mad::mad:

TNLA begins cyber battle for greater Tamil Nadu


CHENNAI DECEMBER 06, 2000, 1530 HRS IST: The separatist fringe group, the Tamil Nadu Liberation Army (TNLA), has opened another front against the Indian Union. And this one is on the web. Headed by Maaran, alias Senguttuvan, the TNLA came to limelight during the 108-day-long Kannada thespian Rajkumar kidnapping drama.
While the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu governments are busy combing the Sathyamangalam forests to nab Veerappan and his Tamil ultra friends, the TNLA has launched its cyber offensive, jointly with the LTTE and some Islamic fundamentalist outfits.

Type out dalitstan.org\tamil, and the whole wide world of ‘Greatrer Tamil Nadu’, claiming Kerala, parts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and the areas of Tamil Eelam in Sri lanka, opens up. The war cry: “Liberation of Tamil Nadu from Brahminist Hindi tyranny”.

The homepage of the site is, naturally, obsessed with the TNLA. There is a picture of TNLA chief Maaran (the picture refuses to download in Chennai), captioned “A true Tamil warrior fighting for Tamil freedom, who had vowed to destroy the anti-Tamil activities in the so-called Indian Union.”

There is also the four-point goal of the TNLA -- “Secession of Tamil Nadu from the so-called Indian Union; Reunification of Eelam with liberated Tamil Nadu; Reunification of Kerala with liberated Tamil Nadu and restoration of lost lands to Greater Tamil Nadu, which includes Kolar gold fields, Maldives, Malnadu, Lakshadweep and Mauritius.”

This is not all. The site claims that Veerappan is “not a brigand, but the brigadier of the TNLA and a Tamil Robin Hood”. After a list of recent articles on Veerappan and the TNLA in various dailies, magazines and websites, comes the real shock.

There are links to the home pages of the LTTE and Islamic terrorist outfits. At the end of the page, the host is identified as Dalitsan Organisation. Intelligence agencies claimed that they got to know about the website and its host just a day before and are still probing the matter.

But the most curious information comes at the bottom: “Thank you, From the jungles of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Liberation Front''.The Sri Lankan Crisis. Full coverage of the Sri Lankan Crisis.

December 6th, 2000, 10:48 AM
Thanks proud hindustani.

I was not aware of existence of such a dirty sites. All stuff there is bakwas.

Don't worry. Since centuries inside and outside people tried to break the Indian Union.

Nothing is going to work.

I guess these people are getting money from our common friends like Pakistan and China (And may be America)

December 6th, 2000, 07:24 PM
I was really shocked to see that people have put up sites with claims and demands for breaking apart from India.

I am really sad that the Tamil Nadu folks want to break away. I am sure that its not the voice of the entire Tamil populace, but nevertheless, its sad and enraging!

Upon browsing the sit a little more to see what else is in store, I came across a very disturbing link which says GENOCIDE of Dalits. (http://www.dalitstan.org/journal/genocide/dalits/dalits.html) I was saddened becuase Genocide is not a term you use lightly. Genocide was what Hitler did to the Jews during Wordl War II. I am sure that despite some killings of Dalits and also retaliatory killings of upper castes in Bihar, we cannot call this as a Genocide! :mad:

Then I browsed further and saw a link for a United Christian Forum (http://www.dalitstan.org/christian/) link. I never have considered Christains or Muslims or Parsis or for that matter any other religion in India as different. I always thought of others as Indians. Infact I went to a convent school run by Roman Catholic Salesian brothers. I am very rpoud of my alma mater. I never felt like I was an alien Hindu in a Christain school.

People have co-existed, albeit with some problems now and then, but still this does not justify such drastic stream of thoughts. Its bound to happen in a house where different people live. One cannot be in harmony all the time, but overall, the decorum of a house is maintained.

Despite being a third world country, Indians are doing great in the Computer and Technology fields worldwide. Indians are considered as the top notch professionals in this field. India makes the maximum number of movies after Hollywood per year. India built its own space launching rockets. We have so much going good for us. We are on a path of progress. It will take some time, but we will surely make it.

Then why this call for a separate nation?

It really saddens and enrages me. Have our freedom fighters and their sacrifices been a waste?

I am saddened that a great nation like ours is being broken apart by its very own people, if not geographically, then by such acts and websites.

Come one people, what's wrong? India has many problems and a slow economy is the biggest one after the other big one - population explosion. Agreed, these are tough problems, but do you really think that we can survive as small break away parts of a greater nation? :(

I could not believ that such a site was serious about such a radical and saddening agenda... I just pray that this is a joke and not for real. :(

December 6th, 2000, 09:11 PM
The Link http://www.dalitstan.com/tamil,I have seen on a Pakistani site.There were many Links showing creation of many countries in India.
What made me laugh was that one site promoted the Creation of separate Country for Rajputs.What a Joke.That made me
Laugh like anything.
OK Accepted every one can ask for a Separate Country.All the people are special in India.But the Rajputs who are shedding their blood for centuries for this country will ask for a separate country,WHAT A JOKE.Rajputs asking for a separate country.Ha Ha Ha .......
What a filthy creation from the mind of pakistanis

Friends don't take theese sites seriously.They are creations of our Worthless Pakistani Brothers who have nothing else to do than to involve in Day Dreaming of Breaking India.

But we should not exaggarate the differences between us.That gives the material of thought to theese Pakistanis.
Like What was the necessity for Congress to raise the
Babri Masjid Issue now after 8 years,This will give chance to Pakistan to malign India.

Look at China,How they deal with Anti national elements.
It will be shameful but even Look at Srilanka,the way that state is fighting for its integrity,we Indian are really Bastards,we don't have any respect for our motherland or even for our Soldiers who are dying to save Us.
I am sure that after they Finish Millitancy in Kashmir they will be tried for Human Right Violations.
Like the way it happened in Punjab.
The Brave Police Officers who fought Millitancy were later tried for Human Right Violations on pretext of some Politicians.

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The Real Deal
December 6th, 2000, 09:32 PM
This is totally true guys, infect I was trying to search the truthfulness of this site, their is news in media that site is being run from Verappan Jangle, its just a joke.

No Dalit think like the site present, as Tamil Nadu Seperatist site says that they are grateful for dalitistan for giving them space. I'm sure both are ISI creation. Their is no relation between Dalit movement and TN separatist group as they fight due to language issue and now theory is being added because both oppose Brahman Hegemony.

Pls read the news at India-today.com

Also I invite all of you to complain this and if we can find out the person who is providing server space for this site then complain their.

Another propogandanist site is here...


now who believe its Pakistani creation, but look the Indian MAP presented on this site. These bloody idiot taking advantage of our discriminated society.

rakhwala : I visited your link, and easliy understad that Pakistani ediot, the list they have given "Traitors of Dalitstan", name starts from LKA and goes to ABV then all RSS. On top of all these they have added the name of Vivekananda, poor hater could not resist their hate with BJP even while creating site for Dalitistan ;)

- Now you mind your language while using for own national's. I do not mind what ever BS you talk about Pakistan but be carefull in your expression, are you expressing your thought taught by your parents. You may be hinding behind a fake id but still your attitude represent your parents teaching.

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April 6th, 2003, 10:00 PM
You call the Rajputs as the people who have fought and died for India for centuries.If what you say is true then why enslavement of India for almost 1,000 years first by the Muslims then by the British?
To tell you the truth,the Rajputs as a community was created in the 7th century A.D. and inducted in the Kshatriya caste in order to wipe out Buddhism literally from India.
The Rajputs weren't there to defend India and for the service of India as you said;they were in fact stooges of the Brahmins,created by Brahmins for Brahmins.
They were created because Buddhism then was a serious threat for Brahminism;which we now call Hinduism.The attitude and preachings of the Buddhist Bhikshus about equality and fraternity weren't acceptible to the Brahmins at all.Infact the Buddhists were so vocal in criticism of the Brahminical caste-based society that the Brahmins counted the Buddhists as a serious threat and thought to be eliminated are early as possible;in order to enjoy the privileges of the caste-system.

April 8th, 2003, 05:15 AM
Only thing is to shoot the dalit men to avoid this problem and leave their girls to serve the brahmins

April 8th, 2003, 06:27 AM
Originally posted by hanumanchowdary
Only thing is to shoot the dalit men to avoid this problem and leave their girls to serve the brahmins

I think u should start this effort. Does anyone have Adi's home address... One stone two birds :D:D:D