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November 26th, 2000, 09:16 AM
Guys see what has happened.This Masood Azhar founder of Jaish-e-Mohammad is the same terrorist who had been released by our governament by comming to it's knees at the demand of the Hijackers of Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu.He's now responsible for the killings of several innocent Hindus since his release,and all these killings are apart from the several lives of Indian Jawans lost in capturing him in the first place.Were all these lives less important than the lives of those 100 odd passengers who were held captive by the terrorists in the Indian Airlines flight???!!!!

Vajpayeeji you should have blown up the hijacked IA flight!!!


SRINAGAR: The Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad has warned all political parties, including the Hurriyat Conference and militant outfits in the Kashmir Valley, against showing readiness to hold talks with the Central government. "We warn all those who welcome the ceasefire announced by Indian Prime Minister and expressed readiness for holding talks with India of serious consequences if they did not stop issuing statements on this count,'' a Jaish spokesman said.

November 26th, 2000, 08:28 PM
I dont know why we Indians rather Hindus are so tolerant towards these muslim militants.So what if it is ramzan.Didnt Pakistan start two wars with India on the day of "Dassera".

India should not arrest these militants .They should be mutilated and killed, in the same way these afghan terrorists killed the very young Indian army officers like Cap.Kalia.

November 27th, 2000, 02:55 AM
I have said this thing on forum " Crime against dalits" and
repeating here. We Indians are one of the most selfish people on the Earth.Till it didn't affect us,we don't think
about anything.What sorry Figure we cutted outwhen Relatives of Passenger were making Hue and Cry and it was broadcasted over whole of the world.Our Primeminister has to come under pressure when people are so weak.

Unfortunately in this matter we can learn from countries like Srilanka and Israiel,Look the way Srilanka is fighting with LTTE eventhough it is much weaker and smaller than India and about Israiel I needn't tell any thing.
The way its People have sacrificed fror the nation
need not be retold.

Why can the terrorists and the Pakistanis could be so bold,because they know that Indians are soft and weakly determined.Could they do the same thing against China and Israiel.No they can't.

In Punjab those brave police officers who fought and risked their life against terrorists where later punished for Human
Rights violation on the initiative of those leaders who fled the state at the time of terrorism.
In India only some stupid and idiot P Neduraman who cannot
become the chief minister of a state,talks of a seperate Tamil Nation,so that he could become prime minister,

We have been taught 'Unity in Diversity' but we have only concentrated on Diversity.Keshmeriat,Asam Nationaism,Naga Self Honour,what not.

The same Indians when they go to some other country behave as they are inseperable part of that country.They can't do the same in their own country.What Hypocrysy.

Other countries know our weakness.thats why they exploit it,you tell me where in the world a brigand like Veerapan is a hero and fighter for Tamil cause.Where in the world a dacoit like Phoolan devi is made MP to appease backward caste.In a country where 5 terrorists are released to save the daughter of a asshole,anything could happen.

So No surprises

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December 8th, 2000, 02:26 PM
Abe Viking, Flight me teri SASU JI safar kar rahi thi kya! hehe.

And gogogirl lagta hai kis atankwadi ne teri pichli mari hai! isi liye aisa reply de hai!

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December 8th, 2000, 04:55 PM
Please stop using the type of abusive language your parents(if you know who they are)taught you to use or the Madrasa you were educated in!..I'am not going to enter into a fight with you coz look at the pathetic personality that you are displaying in your postings it does not even deserve the attention of a termite!..Apni jaat ki shaan badha raha hai kya tu yaha pe?!.

Simple human ke andar ka Pakistani ab jaag utha hai(shayad doosra kuch nahi uthta hai uska bechare ka)

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