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July 17th, 2001, 12:13 PM
This time I'm beating Arun to it. Letter sent to NDTV:

Dear NDTV, Kindly forward the following message to the
Pakistani columnist who was on the bigfight panel on
14th July. I forgot the lady's name.


To The Pakistani lady who was on Big Fight:
Dear madam,

Greetings. Salaam alaikum. Namaskar. Vanakkam.

In your conlcuding remarks on the Big Fight show, you
have said that an Indian journalist told you that your
leader Gen Pervez Musharaf can contest elections in
Delhi and win. As a person who desires peace, I must
tell you the truth since any peace-making effort not
based on ground realities is bound to fail: the info-
rmation you received from the unnamed Indian journa-
list is wrong, as is most information purveyed by
Indian journalists.

To let you in on a shameful secret concerning
ourselves, I must tell you that our journalists are
by and large invertebrates, a few honorable exceptionsnotwithstanding.

Supposing just you and Asma Jahangir were occupying
the Kargil heights and supposing we had sent ALL of
our journalists to fight you, you would have licked
them all clean with your left-hand tied behind your
back, and secured for Pakistan Siachen too as a bonus.

Okay, that was hyperbole, but the truth of the matter
indeed is that our journalists are s**t-scared of
the likes of you, because the sanctimonious "secular-
liberal" gas they are in the habit of emitting to
undermine opposing opinion - which often is the more
more logical and rational opionion - fails to cut ice
with you. Hence they are extra-eager to suck up to you
so that you don't give them trouble when they try to
put on the Hindi-Paki bhai-bhai act, targetted largely
at (what they believe is a gullible) Indian audience.

Hence, please do not form your impressions of India
and Indian public opinion from what our journalists
tell you, especially when these silly chaps are
bending over backwards to please you. Without level-
headed assessment and appraisal of each other, we
cannot hope to negotiate deals for a better
relationship. Let me unequivocally assert, even if
it might displease you, that Indians, whether in
Delhi or elsewhere, do not have an opinion of your
"President" that might even with a great stretch
of imagination be said to be flattering. Hope that
sets the record straight.

July 17th, 2001, 12:20 PM
apun ko bhee ek letter likho

July 17th, 2001, 06:55 PM
Dear Citizen,
I was preoccupied with other things so I could not write to Rajdeep Sardesai. But then the same woman correspondent was on the next days program, on the same issue, called "We the people" conducted by Barkha Dutt. After seeing that program I was so irritated by that woman that I decided to write to Ms.Datt immediately.My letter was as follows:
Ms.Barkha Dutt,

Colonel Thapar, father of a martyr of Kargil, started the discussion on very solemn note by telling your friend Mushsharraf that he can redeem himself of all the killings in Kargil war by ensuring that people of both countries experience peace from now on.
The two innocent ladies,who sat in the front row,and who have lost their husbands in Kargil war also said by wiping their tears that Mushsharraf should ensure that killing is stopped and nobody should loose their husbands in the war anymore.
The representative of 2 lakh displaced Kashmiri Pundits,Mr.Shakti Bhan told that the success of the meeting will be reckoned only if all of them could go back to their homes and made to feel safe.
These two illiterate widows, Col.Thapar and Shakti Bhan were magnanimity personified.They have every reason to be bitter about the architecht of Kargil war.All of them did not utter a bad word about Mushsharaf but expected him to work for peace and avoid wars.

Mr.Parwez from POK was extremely candid and told the viewers the fate of
Kashmiris in POK and their brutal suppresion by Pakistani Government.
All the Pakistanis, who were talking about Kashmir were clean bowled by him

In the end Col.Thapar told that Mushsharaf is a soldier. I am a soldier.
I was handling large number of Pakistani Prisnors of War in 1971/72.
They were all treated honourably as per the convention.They were all
sent back to Pakistan as per their desire. In spite of the fact that
Mushsharraf is a soldier, he is still keeping several indian POWs in his prison for last 30 years. He must release them immediately.

Then I saw the face of Naseem Zehra in your invited crowd,I wanted to switch off my set.
I,however,continued. As expected, this Naseem Zehra wanted to hold the centre of the stage and go on talking which,in plain and simple words, was "absolute nonsense".I really don't know what special diet she eats and drinks to develop such amount of gas in her belly. What cooks in her belly, before it reaches her brains,comes out of her mouth.That is why words come out of her mouth faster than she can even think.She beats your friend from congress party Ms.Renuka Choudhary,the self styled intellectual Ms.Teesta Setalwad hands down.If atall you consider this as a quality in her, please pass on this compliment to her.

Full marks to you for stumping Hamid Mir from Pakistan by asking a question which he could only foolishly answered. The question was simple. Before you ask for Kashmiris what they want,should you not ask millions of Pakistani what they want by holding elections? Thereafter,Hamid Mir was silenced till the end.

Tell your colleague Rajdeep Sardesai that his performance was disgusting in the last big fight.He just can't handle the fight. This Ms.Nassem Zehra just would not allow anybody to say anything and Mr.Sardesai was enjoying her interference all the time.A third rate performance.He can, if he wants to improve, take some suggestions from you and Mr.Arunop Goswami.

July 17th, 2001, 09:27 PM
Rajdeep Sardesai and those of his ilk confirm my biggest suspicion----
"shaw once said 'if you can do, do, if you cannot, teach'.
In our Indian context we can say--" If you can do, do, if you cannot, teach; if you cannot even teach, become a farmer, and, if you cannot become even a farmer, become a journalist/reporter".
In our country, the convention is that if you get good marks in 10th.., you take science, if you are average, you take commerce, and if you are below average, and still want to study, you take arts.
If you have it in you to do something, you take, History, Geography, Law etc..; if you don't have even these capabilities, you take journalism! So, you can easily imagine the quality of the people who go for "journalism" in India!
By the way, Gavaskar HAD NOT ATTENDED THE TEA PARTY OF MUSHY! When another journalist asked him then how come he was widely reported to have attended that party(along with the super paki. Dilip kumar), he said(Gavaskar said) " Now you can guess how reporters are!