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June 27th, 2001, 06:06 PM
Dear Ms.Barkha Dutt,

Just before you took the commercial break at around 2030 hrs, when your invitee Lt.General Gurbir Mansingh told the audience that India has no threat from China as well as from Pakistan, I decided to switch off my TV set and said AMEN!If he meant it as a joke then I did not understand it.

The entire discussion was mediocre if not poor. The same Lt.General who must have spent majority of his life in regimental style, wanted that Government of India should have consulted people of India before deciding on its nuclear policy and thanked Star TV for providing the forum,at this statement I heard some clapping.This must have obviously pleased you.

With such statements I realised that " It is only the bravery of the
soldier that makes the General great". This General has thrown very poor light on our Armed Forces and we now know why several munition depots all around the country blast off en masse and burn several hundreds of crores of our precious money.

Most funny part is that your invitee Ms.Ritu Menon spoke lot of words but really did not carry any meaning.For example she talked of "VOCABULARY AND COST OF PEACE". Ms.Ritu Menon must understand that "DESIRE FOR PEACE DOES NOT NECESSARILY ENSURE PEACE". Nehru exhorted "HINDI-CHINI BHAI BHAI", remained unprepared and died as unhappy and dejected man. India lost the war and thousands of unprepared soldiers.

Mr.Raj Chengappa, who made the opening remarks for you, told us during the course of discussion that United States of America not only developed but effectively used Nuclear bomb to end the war. After the second world war the then USSR, England, France, China developed nuclear capbilities and made formidable advances in Nuclear weaponry to form a club of their own.

Despite Chinese aggression in 1962, India had not decided on
Nuclear option. After Pokharan I, there was lull on this front. It was only when USA declared that Pakistan has developed Nuclear Bomb with the help of China, India was left with no option but to plan its own course. We are forced in this rat race.

Imtiaz Alam, Editor -in-Chief of THE NEWS from Pakistan and your
Special Invitee said in the beginning that we(Pakistanis) don't feel safe. One wrong decision may trigger the device and cause holocost. Your friend from Pakistan was silent after what Raj Chengappa told, mentioned above. Your friend from Pakistan must know that the trigger of India's weaponry is still very safe in the hands of a popularly elected civilian Government. As against this,the trigger of Pakistani bomb is in the hands of a War Monger

Let all those who were advocating peace know that "Training for combat is the single most important peacetime mission for armed forces". Let the country remain combat fit by adding Nuclear devices in the armoury.

In war,there is no second prize for the runner up.

Jai Hind phor that

June 27th, 2001, 08:38 PM
brilliant.. but is it your original or a cut and paste?

June 27th, 2001, 08:53 PM

I think this is very original from arun .
This guy arun ..had just found a platform(www.echarcha.com) to pull out his opinions . And he watches STAR TV Discussions regularly :D , after watching the programme goes to his PC , connects to internet and comes to echarcha.com . then here he starts bashing or appreciating the people participating in that discussion. :D

All his postings are generally good with reasoning and logic. Only bad thing about him ..is he doesnt respond back. May be he finds us ..below standard :( :D :smash: