View Full Version : Possible result of Vajpayee-Mushy dialogue

June 22nd, 2001, 02:50 PM
What could be the result of Vajpayee-Mushy dialogue? Look at the moods in the two camps. Vajpayee is upbeat and suddenly so fascinated with Mushy that he congratulates him before he becomes president. Is he expecting some moves favorable to India in the talks? On the other hand look at Mushy. He risks international retribution in becoming president only to legitimize the solutions to emerge from the talks. The political parties had threatened to ignore the solutions but by becoming president, Mushy has made the forthcoming solutions binding upon them. Does he know that the solutions from talks will be such that every Pakistani will want to reject it off hand? Why is he de-weaponizing their society? Does he anticipate an armed uprising against the army in the near future? All these, my friends, point in one direction:

The solutions from the upcoming talks have already been agreed upon, by track II diplomacy. It will be something that will satisfy the Indians, and shock the Pakis. 'Change history', 'open mind' and 'no anti-India propaganda' may be ground-preparation for the inevitable. I would say that LOC=BORDER is the imminent solution. It is somewhat equitable, though more acceptable to Indians than Pakis.

When Mushy came to power, he had the notion that by improving their economy, they would be able to ward off international pressure and cling onto future Kargils. But soon he realized that improving Paki economy was conditional upon improving relation with India. That's what must have lead Mushy into Vajpayee's waiting hands. And you bet, Mushy is not happy about it, complaining to Vajpayee every now and then about statements from MEA, who obviously can hardly wait to begin the celebrations.

June 22nd, 2001, 02:52 PM
Dude, we have beaten this topic to death. You'll find shreds of evidence (pun intended) if you did a little bit of search.

No point in starting new threads. Yaar, yeh Musharraf ne pareshaan karke rakha hain.