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May 29th, 2001, 11:50 AM
This is about the TV program "Big Fight" (a debate and discussion program) which airs on Star TV and is hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai. This is my open letter to the host Rajdeep Sardesai!

Dear Mr.Arunop Goswami,

My congratulations to Star TV for the welcome change-a new referee. You have replaced biased Rajdeep Sardesai. If it is a permanent change it is most welcome, if it is a temporary one, we have come to know "what difference an impartial referee can make to a boutand make it
interesting". In all my previous letters I had pointed out that Mr.Sardesai, when he wears the referee's mantle, should leave aside his personal views and allow the viewers i.e.us the ringside judges to decide what is right or wrong. Sardesai has always acted in a parochial manner and that made these bouts one BJP against all. You have controlled the bout absolutely impartially and with good mannerism.You have not fielded even one question
or made any angree remark to anyone in the ring, that is really appreciable handling. Can Star TV afford this change? Will their target be achieved? -is, ofcourse, a different issue.

Also thank you for not calling a nincumpoop like Mr.Swami, Dy.Home Minister, from BJP. Mr.Modi, with his chaste hindi brought some excellent points to the fore which made the Hurriet candidate look for cover.

Mr.Parthasarathi, our former High Commissioner to Pakistan,bared the true character of Hurriet Conference and made Mir Oomer Farrokh speachless by asking a question-Who killed your father? Mr.Parthasarathi was too polite to call Hurriet a stooge of Pakistan and a puppet in the hands of Pakistani ISI. He told the fact that whenever Hurriet leader has appeared on Paki
TV, two ISI men have stood behind him to remind him what he ought to say. This Mir could not deny.

The Hurriet Conference representative spoke in his two minutes opening remarks what is by now known to all of us by heart. Hurriet has opted for Chinese theory- repeat the untruth and it starts apearing as truth.

Manoj Joshi- the TOI Political Editor. He played his role and tried his best to distract the attention from the main theme, or else this learned political commentator should not have asked a question and charged Mr.Parthasarathi why the diplomats don't want the talks etc. What was the objective behind this irrelevant question? But we indians know that most of our fourth estate and self styled correspondents are venal. Mir quoted Manoj Joshi on more that one occasions when Joshi has talked in favour of terrorist and against Govt.of India. Joshi did not refute it even once. Now we know that although some Journalists live on our side of fence, their masters live across the boder. Should Joshi not know that Pakistan is still a strong ally of western world led by USA and Britain? Should Joshi not know that this western Junta led
by USA and UK has dominated the world and that is why it has supported Pakistan's stand on Kashmir and that is why these nations have claimed that Kashmir is a disputed territory? Does Joshi believe in every thing that this western world tells us? Does he not know what the other half of the world led by earstwhile USSR had to say on this problem?

Does Mr.Joshi not know that Lord Mountbatten, the last British representative of British Crown for India,wrote to Maharaja Harisingh on 27th October,1948 that "In special circumstances mentioned by Your Highness, my Government have decided to accept the accession of State of Kashmir to the Dominian of India." India was still not in a hurry to integrate the state in its domain. It added article 370 and declared the accession only then when the State of J&K's constituent elected assembly passed a resolution and accepted the accession. Mr.Joshi your vision is blurred. Therefore, you tried to blur the focus of the discussion by accusing the diplomats.Mr.Joshi you perfectly fit in the old british outfit of "OLD LADY OF BORIBUNDER". Like Mirwai who told the viewers that he is Kashmiri and not an Indian, Mr.Joshi, when will you declare that you are first from the 4th Estate and then possibly an Indian? This can then be quoted by Hurriet leaders next time they appear on TV channel operating from India.

Mr.Shekhar Gupta asked Mirwai as to why Hurriet have never attempted to even show that they are maintaining equidistance from both parties i.e. India and Pakistan? Every time Hurriet is invited,Hurriet want to go to Pakistai Masters for consultations, WHY? No convincing answer came from Mirwai. Mr.Shekhar Gupta, another heavy weight from 4th estate told us that the
Israeli PM Mr.Begin gave the land, with all its oil wells intact, to Egypt and made peace. Should BJP not do the same? Bravo!! Mr.Gupta. What a comparison. Mr.Gupta, do you not know that the desert of Sinai was returned by Mr.Begin to Egypt which was never his. He had occupied it in 1967 war and, therefore, he could afford such a gesture.How could you compare
Kashmir with Sinai. Why do you way lay people by such fantastic arguments? Our doubts on 4th estate get compounded by your arguments.

"General Musharraf"- A vicious Character whom Mr.Parthasarathi has clearly described by quoting following incidences:
Musharraf refused to go to Wagah border when Vajpayee got down from the bus. This was "to avoid saluting Vajpayee".
Musharraf is the Architect of ambitious but failed Kargil operations".
Musharraf has gone on record that "even when Kashmir problem gets solved, low intensity war will continue with India".
Musharraf says that "it is the independent Mujahiddeen who are fighting war with India and has hardly any control on them".
Musharraf says "war of any kind against India is holy Jehaad".

Mr.Parthasarathi, who lived 5 long years in Pakistan,therefore,said that Pakistanis have butchered 2 million Bangla Deshis, Sindhis, Baluchis, migrant muslims from India. How can the hurriet say that they will get spared from this axe? Finally he said, I can choose my friends but
not neighbours.

Final request from Parthasarathi to 4th Estate was -We are going in for negotiations with Character like Musharraf who has created vicious propaganda network against India in his country. He is completely in the hands of Muslim fundamentalists. He feeds his army a daily dose of India hatred to stay in power and keep fundamentalist on his side. He is opposed by all political parties in Pakistan, therefore,"Don't create any hype about these negotiations or else disappointment is frustrating".

Will the STARS, JOSHI'S and GUPTA'S like 4th Estate heavy Weights oblige Mr.Parthasarathi and us Indians?

May 29th, 2001, 12:21 PM
and see what our leaders and politicians and bureaucrats have to say.

I think Vajpayee has bowled a googly for Pakistan by inviting them over. Now India can say to the world that "look we had a unilateral ceasefire for siz months, but they still kept at it. Now we have called them over for talks" And if the talks fail - which most likely will - then we can clearly state that we tried all we could but they are not in a mood to reciprocate.

This will be a major international diplomatic citory for us. But, there is a big but here. But we have to follow up with strong military action if needed!

May 29th, 2001, 12:37 PM
That was a great writeup Arun.
Wish I could see star TV here.
I do get to see Sony+Zee+TVasia though.

As far the whole gameplan is concerned, I think I can trust vajpayee with it. No matter what, but I am liking his chess moves with pakistan - check and mate.

Dhurandhar Bhat
May 29th, 2001, 12:54 PM
Arun yeah I appreciate the pains you took to watch and then write about it all.
Lets wait and watch,the big fight is not yet over.This is a State issue bringing BJP in is not warranted.If at all then my personal views are that BJP will be in Dire Straits if the talks fail.

May 31st, 2001, 03:52 AM
That was gr8 write up again... I like it.

I saw same episode. And ur every word is absolutely right.
mir was really looking speechless. Parthsarathy made some good points . but I think Gupta is more loyal than that bloody Manoj joshi. Those guys was talking any shit for the sake of talking neutral. Neutral doesnt means u lie !!!!

May 31st, 2001, 05:29 AM
ya really thanks for the write up.

i guess the stupid talks/stmts from the representatives of fourth estate was more to get publicity, the factor in show biz, rather than to support or oppose anyone. with contraversies that their stmts generate chances of them being called for the next round will be more i guess. :down:

June 11th, 2001, 05:59 AM
All those who are lamenting the non-availability of
Star News in their respective locales: you are not
missing much, except watching everyday a moderately-
entertaining bunch of unintentionally humourous
chaps. :-)

Great writeup that, Arun.