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April 2nd, 2001, 06:43 PM
This is about the TV program "Big Fight" (a debate and discussion program) which airs on Star TV and is hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai. This is my open letter to the host Rajdeep Sardesai!


I can understand that you called Mr.Tarun Tezpal and Mr.Tapan Dasgupta but I don't know why you had
called the "Great Palaverer" Mr.Vinod Mehta. In my mother tongue Vinod means a Joke.Is that the
reason you called him?

I have hardly seen a person like Mr.Mehta,who not only loves his own voice and therefore, makes
long speeches, but loves himself too.He is a guy who beats his own timpano so loudly that people
like to close their ears.He is the one who plays to the gallery with his simantics.A table
philosopher at his best.No reasons, but only long sentences.He was, therefore,very correctly charged
by one from the audience that he is a sensetion monger and his "Outlook" magazin is example of
yellow journalism.

As against this Mr.Tapan Dasgupta of "India Today"represented the responsible press. Believe me, I
don't read "India Today" as much as I don't read Outlook". He had logic in whatever he said and
that appealed.In terms of flow of language, he can more than match the,I,ME,MYSELF,Vinod
Mehta.Mr.dasgupta admitted that there is surfeit of windbags in his profession.He has very candidly
accused Tehelka of cheating the public by relying on words of dishonest people like R.K.Jain and
R.K.Gupta.He has also, like millions of others, feel that there is no evidence of Ms.Jaitley taking
the money. He has rightly accused Tehelka for not substantiating any of their charges except
Mr.Bangaroo Laxman who was seen actually accepting money and asking the next lot in Dollars.

Surprisingly, Mr.Bangaroo Laxman has a friend in "your Vinod", who sees red in axing Bangaroo
Laxman and calls him a scapegoat.This proves once again that Mr.Mehta is a man with double
standards.In my letter to your Ms.Barkha Dutt, I have stated that "your Vinod" sheepishly raised
his hand towards the end to a poser by Ms.Jaitley - Who amongst you have paid gratification to
Railway staffer? If he has bribed someone for a favour and has publicly admitted it, should he not
be prosecuted? What right has he got to pose as Le Grand Seigneur and give his sermons and present
his table morality and philosophy to us in the public?

Mr.Tarun Tezpal,also boasted of his 18 years of experience in journalism, since Mr.Mehta boasted of
25 years.These two gentlemen must understand that the quantity does not matter, it is the quality
that counts. Mr.Tezpal had a cheek to tell that he will say sorry if George Fernandes is proved not
guily. What about 53 years of clean public lifeof Mr.Fernandes?

Mr.Tezpal is, most possibly, responsible for ruining it in just one stroke.Mr.Tezpal and his
colleagues had accused Prime Minister's Office, only to withdraw the remarks later on. Tehelka had
promised more tapes and some recordings on Congress party also.What has made Mr.tezpal withdraw
himself from these promises? Mr.tezpal, who talked about his responsible behaviour,has withdrawn
his word, it is not believable.Some journalist should take up this as an assignment to expose
Tehelka.But then it will be a sure case of "Dog eating dog".

Mr.Digvijay Singh has made a small but relevant point.He said, most of the time middlemen of
tehelka are seen drinking Whisky and obviously talked with loose tongue later on.Dropped names of
innocent people in public life.Mr.singh also very stoutly defended Ms.Jaitley. He has rightly asked
"What is the basis of accusing George Fernandes"? The only answer from Mr.tezpal is - "all the
drama has taken place in ministers official residence.Those who are accusing want to conveniently
forget that excepting one room in his house, all other rooms are used for his party.Then what is
wrong if Ms.Jaitley used the office and allowed the fake West End chaps and listen to their fake
woos and grievances? When George Fernandes was not even in the house,where is the logic in roping
George Fernandes?

Mr.Tezpal has made a hasty retreat by saying that most of the army officers are not corrupt. But,
in the same breathe, he is accusing that his films have exposed porousity in arms purchase.NO DEAL
has taken place and only COMPLAINTS are heard -still it is called a SCAM. Does Mr.Tezpal think that
there are no bad eggs in his IVth ESTATE?As against Army officers, I must say that VENAL journalist
are in majority.Mr.Das Gupta calls them WINDBAGS.Mr.Tezpal himself has admitted that the standards
of journalism have gone down very steeply. Mr.Tezpal could not come clean to a charge by
Mr.Dasgupta that 40% equity of Tehelka is held by broker of ill repute. That journalist have party
affiliation, needs no proof.Mr.Rajdeep Sardesai's affiliations are also known by now.That is why a
poser from Mr.Singh- How long will you continue to sensetionalise everything in media?

You ended your bout with a remark from "your Vinod"- Power must be used responsibly, don't spare
the journalist(for their wrong doings). What a morbid end to a bout.Devil reading out the bible.

Jai hind phor that