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  1. Thumbs UP for Khopari Sahib and Chitralaji ... for Forum's Promotional Video!
  2. In my kingdom of Echarcha
  3. Bharat Bandh - Protest Against Fuel Price Hike
  4. How to avoid cutting vegetables
  5. Why do Indians like Missionary?
  6. Salman dumps Katrina, dating Zarine
  7. Other than your own ( but obviously !),the people of which state do you like the most
  8. Who is the second best hindi movie villian character?
  9. New neighbor....
  10. Are beautiful women better in bed?
  11. 25th anniversary and future echans:D
  12. I feel I have been long enough on Echarcha when....
  13. Where does your loyalty lie?
  14. How to deal with Divorce?
  15. Rahul Mahajan thrashes his wife Dimpy Ganguly.
  16. Do Indian Women put-up with abuse more than Western counterparts?
  17. Obligations and responsibilities towards parents.
  18. Those Prose/Poetry from Schooldays
  19. The Legendary Lungi
  20. Julia Roberts and Philosophy of Hinduism
  21. If you could change your EC id...
  22. Things you like about other echans
  23. Whats your definiton of giving a woman good time?
  24. Hindutva losing steam--was the whole movement a mistake?
  25. How Often do you Exercise?
  26. Is nutrition stuff preached today a total bakwas
  27. VAASTU SHASTRA - A Philosophy, A Science, and A Technology!
  28. Horror! Horror!! Horror!!! - South Africa!!!
  29. Telltale signs of aging.
  30. Kangress Plays Maratha Card
  31. Dil Chahta hai
  32. Whats the purpose of life
  33. Germany , the world's favourite nation ,hates India as much as Pakistan and China !!
  34. Champions League T20 to kckstart today
  35. Why does hindi cinema try to take a holier-than-thou stand on abortion ?
  36. What has south india given to this nation, no seriously??
  37. RSS To Revive Ram Temple Issue
  38. An Officer and A Lady
  39. Do Hindus lack self-respect/hope? Why?
  40. Bihar Assembly Elections
  41. What would YOU like the Ayodhya verdict to be ?
  42. India Inc frets over CWG damage to 'Brand India'
  43. Hindi songs in other countries ..
  44. Since when Indian Families Have Become Exhibitionists
  45. CWG 2010: Is Delhi Games Village really so bad?
  46. Indian media fooling public .... ?
  47. Ayodhya verdict pro-HINDUS & pro-TEMPLE
  48. Connections - Who Is Connected To Whom
  49. Children out of wedlock...
  50. Which are the core and peripheral states of the Indian union
  51. Is The US Green Card Losing It's Shine?
  52. To the NRIs - What is right with India? What has India given you?
  53. Rahul Gandhi - Out of touch with reality - thinks nationalists = terrorist orgs
  54. Person Loves U - What Are The Signs?
  55. So how terrible are you?
  56. Non-Permanent Seat in UN Security Council for India !!
  57. "Tum" or "Aap"?
  58. Bukhari Carries On Aurangzeb's Legacy
  59. Parental consent for teenage abortions...
  60. Researching Echarchan's Lifestyle
  61. Shiv Sena Leads From The Front
  62. Building Temple
  63. Baldness
  64. Are you soul-mates?
  65. Arundhati Roy promotes secession
  66. can you kill a chicken to make chicken curry ?
  67. Bullying- Is it a fact of life?
  68. Congratulations to Congress : Hat trick of corruption scandals
  69. Why did Cha cross the road (and defect to Congress)
  70. Vedic Guru
  71. Diwali Noise and Pseudo-Intellecual Blubbers Amongst Us
  72. Why is Indian media so anti-Hindu
  73. Why is Sex the most pleasurable?
  74. Replacing Gandhiji on Currency Notes... Yes/No?
  75. Does Indian cinema give over-importance to rape
  76. Making New Friends
  77. This is the limit
  78. Expedition to disaster--marathas at panipat
  79. Do you use texting (SMS) often?
  80. Massages, Facials, Shopping et al
  81. Has it ever happened, words becoming reality
  82. Do you shop for your significant other
  83. Good girl with clean habits...
  84. Have grand parents become surrogate parents?
  85. People who feel igonred and disappointed..unite here !!!
  86. Gul Panag runs into 'North Indian men'
  87. Prawn of the week!!
  88. What does "Financial Security" mean to you?
  89. All the world's a stage
  90. Facebook - Yess/No?
  91. Are you an IDLE?
  92. "Jara hatke" singers in bollywood
  93. What Is Your Biggest FEAR?
  94. Is this right or wrong?
  95. Hsin Hsin Ming by Sosan
  96. Cash from Haj pilgrims used to finance 26/11: WikiLeaks
  97. Savarkar's critisism of Shivaji , Rana pratap ,Guru Gobind Singh and Krishnadevaraya
  98. What would you do, if you know
  99. Rahul Gandhi's Worry : Saffron Terror
  100. My trip to Atlanta
  101. Diggy in top gear: RSS is similar to Nazis
  102. Welcome to Rotterdam , Europe's most islamised city- current capital of Eurabia
  103. I have been accused :(
  104. Death Of Sambhaji
  105. The jinx continues for ISRO..India's GSLV-F06 Satellite Launch Fails
  106. A complete list of dark echarchans.
  107. a message
  108. Jeffery Armstrong on Hinduism - MUST READ
  109. Immigration to developed countries
  110. Superstitions...
  111. Who is the Funniest Echarchan
  112. Nice evolution poster.
  113. No One Killed Jessica
  114. Muslims prey on secular Hindu and Sikh Girls
  115. Gujjus, Marwaris, Sindhis, Jains, Kutchis - whats common between them?
  116. What does 'culture' mean to us?
  117. No Rohit Sharma in World Cup squad.
  118. People Of Peace Blast Moscow Airport
  119. Have you ever danced?
  120. Finding a bride...
  121. Patriotism blues...
  122. help needed - wireless network missing
  123. Are Marathi People so passive?
  124. How solid is your devotion? Are you the wavering Arjuna?
  125. New homeowner woes
  126. Making money from your hobby - ? Good idea
  127. ~~~~~~*Valentine*~~~~~~
  128. How real are paranormal activities?
  129. Cricket World Cup 2011 (Feb 19 - Apr 02)-Updates
  130. Going, going , soon will be gone--Hindus from Bangladesh
  131. Is conservation of water needed?
  132. Cricket WC Betting?
  133. Pets - Thinking about a cat
  134. Congress MP called me 'bloody Indian', alleges Baba Ramdev
  135. Why is there no crash?
  136. matter from empty space? Ah, the concept of emptiness!
  137. Sai Baba and Rohilla
  138. J_U_D_G_E_M_E_N_T____D_A_Y : Godhara Train Burning
  139. Cycle of Four Yugas
  140. Ravi Varma's Draupadi
  141. Most suitable actor to play Abe Lincoln
  142. Should they give it and should we take it
  143. kya Sallu bhai ka 2nd time (h**ya katega?
  144. Brake fail - what would you do?
  145. Supreme Court allows passive euthanasia in path-breaking judgement
  146. Stars are Amazing
  147. Shiv Sena- Promoting Prostitution ?
  148. Andhra History Flushed Into Hussain Sagar Lake
  149. State of US Education System
  150. Ajeeb dilemma!
  151. Oil heavier than human lives in western world scales?
  152. Why is Life so Unfair?
  153. Wikileaks : Rahul Gandhi
  154. The injustice to Draupadi...
  155. India vs Pakistan
  156. The Windmills - A Short Story
  157. Shahid Afridi earns my respect !
  158. India win ICC World Cup 2011
  159. What exactly is a negative energy?
  160. Revolution brewing in India?
  161. Marriage has become redundant: Yes or No?
  162. Does Sachin deserve the Bharat Ratna?
  163. Muslims form just 3 percent of Indian armed forces
  164. France Bans Burqa in Public Places.
  165. Every google search should point to echarcha.com first
  166. Racists--Are you one of them?
  167. Who's better--Amitabh or Dilip Kumar
  168. Vishwaasghaat
  169. Do you believe in ghosts ??
  170. How much can you earn in the US?
  171. Princess Diana and Kate M
  172. Travel Guide to India for Dummies
  173. Reservations:worse than scams!
  174. Infosys post-Narayan Murthy, and Indian IT related stuff
  175. Naxal and terrorist - Difference
  176. Do you get turned on by women in uniform?
  177. One word definitions for echans
  178. Teacher
  179. Most tragic film you ever saw
  180. The Obsession with Fairness
  181. End of the World - May 21, 2011
  182. The Masala Thread - mother of all derailed threads
  183. Will the sons of the soil reclaim the land? Dadar to be renamed Chaityabhumi?
  184. Baba Ramdev to go on fast for Lokpal Bill !
  185. What/who do you log in for?
  186. Advice
  187. MF Hussain Dead
  188. A regular day in Pakistan - Rangers kill a man without trial or mercy
  189. School kids refuse meals as they are prepared by untouchables
  190. Chidambaram is Fraud. Shoud resign - Jaya
  191. Extra Marital Affair ?
  192. Love and Trust
  193. Does circumcision do any good? Or should you have the foreskin?
  194. IMF Head Rape Case
  195. Indecisiveness
  196. Indian Economy Growing At 11% ... WOW!
  197. Blasts in mumbai
  198. Urgent help needed
  199. Muslim Reservations - Thanks to Amar Singh
  200. Hina Rabbani Khar - Pakistani minister!
  201. Teaching Gita in schools..BJP up to its shenanigans again
  202. Lost respect for Pandavas
  203. Life's little lessons
  204. Maa ka Dil
  205. Sonia away, Rahul out to play
  206. Stock Market in Free Fall ... Inflation and Deflation shit
  207. Who's Uglier?
  208. Are you happy that you were born in India or not ?
  209. Economics 101 - US Credit fall and coming war
  210. Home Exercise or GYM?
  211. Congress licks dirt !! Arrests Hazare
  212. Why the Lokpal bill as demanded by Anna Hazare would be the wrong thing to demand.
  213. Anna Hazare should not win this battle
  214. India Against Corruption
  215. Is Anna Finally Victorious?
  216. Want to live in an India that Anna wants to build ?--asks a dalit voice
  217. Why are we like that???
  218. Dealing with a Dalit Boss
  219. Azhar's son critical after accident while racing recklessly
  220. Narendra Modi : Next BJP PM Candidate?
  221. Purpose of my life
  222. Ladies of eCharcha
  223. One night at the airport...
  224. Ashdoc's movie review--Force
  225. Prashant Bhushan assaulted in his SC chamber
  226. Bipolar disorder
  227. Kiran Lokpal Bedi buys discount air tickets, gets hosts to pay full fare
  228. Why I Left India (Again)
  229. Public Apathy- What would you do ?
  230. Mahadev Shiv - the Supreme, the Ultimate
  231. IPhone Queries
  232. Dirtiest Country in the world
  233. Maya proposes 'quadrification' of UP
  234. Black Friday 2011
  235. Sharad Pawar slapped by youth
  236. India's Retail Sector opens up to Foreign Players
  237. Andhra Pradesh : Proselytizing Unlimited!
  238. Who was the best archer/warrior between Karna and Arjun?
  239. Woman touching banana is sin
  240. I have learnt that...
  241. Things to do in Singapore
  242. Rang De Basanti at CST !!!!
  243. The US Tax system explained ... in Beer
  244. Handsome Jamnagar model (28) & Bollywood Secrets & FAQ
  245. My Freaky Neighbour
  246. Another Gandhi joins the fray
  247. Is This the downfall of Indian Cricket Team
  248. Have you changed?
  249. Have you found your groove yet?
  250. Role model for a nation on the march - Narendra Modi