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  2. Working full time and household chores
  3. Grading versus percentage system for evaluation in schools
  4. Do Indian men owe their woman orgasm?
  5. Do men owe their women an orgasm
  6. Woman has final right to have or not have kid
  7. Should prostitution be legalised ?
  8. Please note echarchans
  9. New Topic proposals for sep-oct'09
  10. Which is the noblest profession on earth ? Kheti OR daaktari
  11. Is Islam a religion of peace?
  12. Should artist M F Husain be allowed to return home ?
  13. Is casteism another form of racism-UN to treat it as human rights violation
  14. Man we really need this fellow as PM- Modi worships assault guns on dussehra
  15. Is Raj Thakeray the modern day Jinnah ?
  16. Dinosaurs can be recreated...
  17. Egyptian lawmakers call for ban on chinese make fake hymen
  18. Explain these Believe-It-Or-Nots
  19. Nathuram Godse - villain or hero
  20. HIV/AIDS in India
  21. Scientist Santhanam's claims on India's nuclear capability
  22. Please Help Create a Duplicate ID ... thanks.
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  24. Sex education-should it be allowed in india??
  25. Is there any anti Semitism left in US?
  26. Is marriage a baggage we carry from the past?
  27. If one of the following must be legalized, what would it be
  28. Is your schooling helping you today?
  29. INDIA APPROPRIATE - Presidential and NOT Parliamentary
  30. Guessing about person from his/her email ID
  31. Who wears pants in your family & friends
  32. Should caste be included in census ?
  33. The Honest Truth - Is Wall Street a role model for Al-Qaeda?
  34. Is it possible to share happiness/sadness?
  35. Keeping the clock ahead to avoid being late - does that work
  36. Why people choose names that are unisex
  37. I have forgotten
  38. horrible to be born in India as what??
  39. Who could have replaced Paresh Rawal in Hera Pheri?
  40. Who could have replaced Shahrukh Khan in Baazigar
  41. is surra de banda really a dance form?
  42. should india have relationship with countries praticing barbaric laws such as sharia?
  43. The role of shopping cart
  44. Napoleon's book of fate oraculum
  45. My new threads disappeared from front page
  46. Should Marriages Be Based On Looks
  47. Jobs lost to robots, globally :eek:
  48. When / Whether to have kids - Wife's decision alone?
  49. How would you like your wrinkles ?
  50. Laptops in meeting - good or bad
  51. Is Bindi an imposition
  52. Higher education in local languages - does it make sense?
  53. Things you DO NOT like about other echarchans
  54. Members Who Despise ME ...
  55. Can Pakistan survive as a nation?
  56. Crown of the week threads
  57. Do you compromise??
  58. Do we have too much choice?
  59. Iraq War on Terrorism: Who won?
  60. Solitary Confinement - Woe or Joy
  61. AIIMS beware now you have competition from IITs
  62. Do we blame Islam unfairly?
  63. Are Indian Women More Efficient Than Men?
  64. Can US become number 1 again
  65. Let's Try To Predict Threads for COTW Ending Sept 26th
  66. Lions vs Tigers--who's the real king ??
  67. Egg Veg or Non Veg
  68. Do you have a second job?
  69. Did you face / observe sexual abuse in schools in India?
  70. Unfulfilled Dreams - Thank God!!!
  71. Koi to isko roko....
  72. individualism v/s collectivism
  73. Egyptian lawmakers call for ban on chinese make fake hymen.
  74. 80% in South India Cant Do Simple Subtractions!
  75. Lovely Terrorism?
  76. Will India ever WFH?
  77. Size 0
  78. baba Ramdev
  79. Indian Graduates - Not fit to be hired?
  80. Why do we have national anthem before the beginning of a movie ??
  81. Is devnagari dying?
  82. Jairam Ramesh Slams IIT Faculty
  83. The Kalki Avatar is here
  84. "Obedient wives club"
  85. Breastachar mithao !!
  86. India is 4th Most Dangerous Place for Women : Survey
  87. Why can't we save water?
  88. Congress not interested in solving Dey murder - refuse handing over case to CBI
  89. Why do some people like to touch everything?
  90. Work experience - good or bad?
  91. Do you agree with the court verdict in the Neeraj Grover homicide ?
  92. Compulsory DNA For Reserved Seats!
  93. Why do reporters need to screw everybody?
  94. The news is about Rahul, but you decide which is more entertaining?
  95. Prostitution
  96. Did the girl need any liposuction?
  97. PETA, Animal slaughter and Live Sushi
  98. Classification...is it being racist or fascist?
  99. Indian liberals come under scrutiny - L'affaire Fai
  100. The mystery of the Air France 447 crash
  101. Why delay execution of criminals with capital punishment ?
  102. Story of two Pandeys
  103. High time intentional land trespass was abolished: court
  104. Freight Equlaization Policy!
  105. Madhur Bhandarkar and Preeti Jain
  106. Genetic Engineered Food
  107. Moderators and writing skills ...
  108. Salman Rushdie at India Today Conclave
  109. Time to Ban Swami
  110. The enigma of Indian engineering
  111. Money or role?
  112. Shutting down schools for scandal
  113. Women in Mumbai protest the denial of right to pee
  114. Agree or Not?
  115. 30 January alternate view
  116. Another misguided judgement?
  117. Capitalism and equality
  118. Discussion with a feminist
  119. Who is right?
  120. Feminism : Should Male passengers offer their seat to female passengers?
  121. Your theories about threads ended by Dhurandhar
  122. Examples of best & worst Facebook/Twitter contests
  123. Death is no answer: Amnesty International
  124. Lifting Prohibition in Gujarat
  125. Husband Day Dillema
  126. Many strides in food security
  127. Man Sues Wife for "Ugly" Children...and Wins!
  128. Abu Azmi Says.. (SP)
  129. Who is deciding Indian 2014?
  130. The advantages of Staying and studying in a boarding school in India far outweigh the advantages of studying in a day school in India !
  131. Meaning of my dream ???
  132. Amendments
  133. Movie 127 hours..
  134. News or Bubble
  135. Masseur - A Moral Dilemma
  136. Digging
  137. How to quit an online forum---silently or by posting about it ??
  138. Material Objects and Objectives
  139. Evil HR
  140. Politicizing of Army
  141. WTF news
  142. Seat belts
  143. India decriminalizes gay sex : too much liberalism ?
  144. Is Chivalry outdated?