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  1. Food for Thought
  2. On how we perceive time: is it based on our life span?
  3. About omnipresent feature of God
  4. The body dies but the self dies not
  5. Life Is Journey
  6. Weird: Seeing Hot Chicks Everywhere I Go
  7. Mushroom.. a vegetarian or non-vegetarian ?
  8. Karma and Reincarnation principle in Hinduism
  9. A question about the renunciation of fruits of labor
  10. God Is Evil
  11. Dhammapada
  12. Religion versus Cult
  13. Dhammapada 2
  14. Sambog se Samadhi ki aur
  15. You wake up and you are the only one...
  16. Why is INCEST wrong?
  17. You wake up and there is no internet...
  18. Who taught you or how did you learn what is right and what is wrong?
  19. Doctors are believers ... do we understand why?
  20. Do You Approve ... Killing 6 Pigs In a Rsearch to Catch a Man for murder?
  21. What are your Favorite Unsubstantiated Theories!
  22. You wake up one morning and have forgotten your mother tongue
  23. The Art of Self Hate :D
  24. NASA sends Kalpana Chawla into space again
  25. Truth and Logic
  26. Height of Living
  27. Size of ears and personality
  28. Would you accept organ transplants from a serial killer or child molester?
  29. Would you donate your organs to a criminal?
  30. Do you believe in "all accounts gets settled here in this life time?"
  31. What if you were a US citizen during war with India?
  32. Is love selfish?
  33. Life's most expensive things ...
  34. Co-incidence!
  35. Will you be the defense lawyer for someone who killed your dear ones?
  36. Would you return a lottery prize if you had bought the ticket illegaly?
  37. Atheists and agnostics: do you wish there was a god?
  38. What advantages do you have that are TOTALLY based on luck?
  39. How would you empty out the water?
  40. Jaisee Kernee Vaissee Bhernee.....
  41. If you see a squirrel in the middle of the road
  42. The freedom of detachment
  43. Excuse busters…
  44. Scientology---EXPOSED
  45. Stone age people in nuclear age
  46. How do you react when you are insulted or taunted .
  47. What memories does a rain bring back
  48. Relax
  49. Meeting Boners - Does anyone else have this problem?
  50. Never again in your lifetime..
  51. A beautiful discussion on truth and democracy
  52. Do you believe in dream analysis?
  53. The Book of Mirdad: The Strange Story of a Monastery Which Was Once Called the Ark
  54. Put down the glass
  55. When you are drunk
  56. This does not make sense ... Law Of Karma?
  57. Are all men born equal?
  58. Tantric Bhai ..help me become a better human
  59. Theory of Evolution ?
  60. Astrology is bullshit!!
  61. Life: An album
  62. PRINCIPLES FOR LIVING: Attitudes determine our altitudes
  63. Did your '5 year plan' dreams come through?
  64. Would you like to be born into the other gender in your next life?
  65. Hinduism and happiness
  66. Baap Bada na Bhaiya na hi bada Rupaiyaa
  67. Nobel Regrets ... having missed Mahatma Gandhi
  68. I have spent most of my life worrying abt things that never happened
  69. Very motivating clip - 212°: The Extra Degree
  70. Teri duniya se hoke main majboor chala
  71. What is the difference between involvement and committment?
  72. Dying or Scam
  73. Self-Restraint v/s No Restraint
  74. The first [of the five vows of Patanjali] is ahimsa, nonviolence.
  75. The Joy Is In Finding ... Osho
  76. Predictions for 2007!
  77. Why Science fails to explain God
  78. As a restaurant owner who do you want - a regular or a good tipper?
  79. Is Life Connected through cause and effects?
  80. Meri Solaa Aaane Ki Zindagi
  81. Our Lady Members and How We Perceive Them!
  82. Should "Intelligent Design" be taught in school?
  83. Good Astrologer ... Have You Had the Privillege of Meeting One?
  84. Heartwarming Story: Brings a Tear to the Eye
  85. What if we are gone in total after death? No soul, no lamp, nothing?
  86. Complex philosophical question to philosophers!
  87. What is your policy for cash found that does not belong to you?
  88. Egg to Bird
  89. The dispair and the hope....
  90. Stupid quote
  91. Coffee pot in break area
  92. Ten Things - The God won't ask
  93. Reincarnation
  94. Echarchan Demographics!
  95. LIFE - What is it?
  96. LOVE - what is it?
  97. Moral dilemma
  98. Ethics of wiping boogers under the table!
  99. Why do you need to believe in God?
  100. For all the ambitious individuals who are eventually owerworked
  101. Women and money!
  102. Bhagat Singh Special
  103. Biggest lies people say in public..
  104. What does HAPPINESS mean to you?
  105. Discover the 90/10 principle - Stephen Covey
  106. Believe - Does God want us?
  107. Anyone Pursuing Meditation on a daily basis
  108. Things We Can Learn From CONDOMS!
  109. Ashtavakra Mahageeta? Anyone Read it?
  110. All the World's a Stage
  111. Let go of your feelings! Express & be free, Repress & be chained
  112. Stories & Parables: Share their message & insights here!
  113. Be the viewer not the viewed, be the knower & not the known
  114. Who Am I? Interesting Zen Story about Surrender & Freedom (Nirvana)
  115. Govt. without Moral Values ... a People Devoid of Conscience
  116. The Yin & the Yang, Maintaining the Inner Balance: No Water, No Moon: Is that so?
  117. Predictions for 2008
  118. Interesting Quotes for Introspection
  119. "I am That" by Nisargadatta Maharaj
  120. A perpetually puzzling question
  121. Chasing Dreams.
  122. Define Elightenment ... you words ... no books, no quotes, no copy/pastes
  123. What emotion don't you "get"?
  124. THe Golden Verses Of Pythagoras
  125. If you were to get a chance at wealth?
  126. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
  127. CMU Professor gives his last session on life
  128. Looking around and Within: Are we so confused and Lost?
  129. Jako rakhe saaiya mar sake na koye ... Miracle!
  130. Being Super Rich: Dream/nightmare
  131. The Postman Always Delivers Mail To The Wrong Door
  132. Who Am I? (Nan Yar?) from Sri Ramana Maharishi
  133. World's First Pregnant Male to have Caesarean section Deliver ...
  134. King: I have a dream speech
  135. death
  136. A Bag Full of Emotional Investments ...
  137. Attn Maxi: Inside and Outside the thin Surface of Water
  138. A Carrot, An Egg and a Cup of Coffee
  139. Was Lord ram Non Vegeterain ?
  140. End of the World in-2012
  141. How do you see yourself in years to come?
  142. Enough is enough
  143. What if every human had a fixed expiration date?
  144. Have a nice day!
  145. Attn. Coolbhai ... I am sorry
  146. PROOF ... KALJUG is here ... We're living in KALJUG.
  147. Positive deeds which take from few moments to no more than few minutes!
  148. Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
  149. How should people honor you when you die?
  150. Your face changes and you cannot see it changed
  151. "Fillers" in life
  152. Interesting Perspective about Life and the World: Yoga Vasistha
  153. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives
  154. Alcohol Is Not the Answer ... Tonight is not the night to emmulate DEVDAS.
  155. Your WIFE WILL Look that GOOD @ 44! Don't You WISH?
  156. Is the glass half full or half empty? An original perspective
  157. Progress Toward Enlightenment
  158. The real world has its mirror in a form of anti-nature.
  159. Coping with depression, anger, and frustration due to terrorism
  160. Patriots, Chauvinists, Secessionists and Terrorists
  161. When elites eschew defense: The case of India
  162. Please EXPLAIN this Phenomena ... HOT SPOT
  163. Start 09 with a message of HOPE/LOVE to a Beautiful Woman ... as rotten 08 comes end
  164. Obama sees his race as an opportunity
  165. Idealistic at 17; Realistic at 27
  166. Predictions for 2009
  167. BEST ILLUSION I have ever witnessed!
  168. Convince me everything's going to be ok.
  169. 200,000 year old 10" Angel Statue Found on the Moon
  170. Dream Interpretation !!!
  171. Kale Ghode Ki Naal Ki Ring
  172. Is this a co-incidence?
  173. Usage of word “Dharma”
  174. Love is selfish - what do you say?
  175. Excitement missing in Life?
  176. King Kundan seeketh a Queen
  177. Respect, Disrespect, Sad, Sorry, emotion, serious, trauma, blame game
  178. Express Your Feelings
  179. Things that cause flashback in our lives
  180. Beating any intellectual Bush with the old dogmatic brooms
  181. The Alligator River Story
  182. Kids and Sheep
  183. Maa Ben Gaali Galoch ... Concept and Application ... Study into Humor!
  184. Remember the One
  185. Song You Cherish Most In Moments of Self-Reflection and Gratitude ...
  186. Song You Cherish Most In Moments of Self-Gratification and Reflection ...
  187. Yogi ji ki chaar lynaa
  188. Who would you save? Mother, spouse, sibling?
  189. I received a PM from you know who
  190. (Mystic) Avtars/Gurus/Babas in India
  191. Karam. How often have you
  192. Greetings to you all!
  193. Women suffer from Gandhi's legacy
  194. What is success
  195. What is failure?
  196. What makes you forgive?
  197. Describe your conversion from religion to atheism or agnosticism.
  198. Is absence of evidence evidence of absence?
  199. Do You Use Kerchief?
  200. Freudian philosophy and musical instruments
  201. Ancient Scriptures: A different perspective
  202. Mundane distortions in the Divine discourse
  203. Mythology of business
  204. Gandhigiri spreads to Italy
  205. Philosophy of the Art of Living
  206. The Royal Song of Saraha: One Whose Arrow is Shot
  207. Our life as fresh as a dew drop!
  208. That Which Never Dies
  209. Meditation(s) for the whole week
  210. How do you keep yourself happy?
  211. Happiness continues... how much will bring you some.
  212. When in doubt...
  213. Is everything really a show?
  214. Genius of Rod Sterling ... Twilight Zone
  215. Jindagi kaisi hai paheli
  216. Some People Are Plain Lucky
  217. Learning to meditate
  218. What is Common?
  219. A dream you have dreamt more than once
  220. New Meditation Research: Putting the 'Om' in 'Chromosome'
  221. John Lennon
  222. Where do we stand?
  223. The 3 aspects of the Absolute truth
  224. Dekh Tere Sansar Ki Haalat Kya Ho Gayee Baghwan ...
  225. A Lesson for Every Salaried Employee
  226. Change is Permanent -- a good thought to contemplate upon
  227. Chicken Tikka Masala for the Soul
  228. Living forever would be like marrying yourself, with no possibility of a divorce
  229. A hero dies... Tribute to "Dr. Death"
  230. I am invisible
  231. Does it happen to you?
  232. The Great Force In Your Life
  233. Pious Swamiji's Feel Good Stories ... why animals?
  234. Krishna the cardiologist
  235. Golden womb - Upanishadic thought
  236. Snakes and ladders
  237. Indians are the most intelligent people in the world, but unfortunately not in India....
  238. Looking for songs about life and the mystical nature of this existence
  239. Friedrich Nietzsche - Interesting Quotes
  240. Does Death follows its victims?
  241. Poot sapoot toh kyon dhan sanchay
  242. Info about ghosts, souls and such
  243. Life is not for weak hearted
  244. How does one become interesting?
  245. Is there something like right and wrong?
  246. Do some people bring death to others ?
  247. 90% Hatred
  248. The more 'Beautiful' one
  249. I wish
  250. Kabhi lage ye saara sach hai.. Kabhi lage ye saara jhoot hai..