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  1. Indo-China Relations :- Comments
  2. Why did Democrats lose the White House?
  3. Musharraf Visit's Vajpayee, Breaks Protocol
  4. Bush Q&A(A joke)
  5. Corrupt Coffee Cup Annan to peddle UN Security Council seat to India for a bribe!
  6. Agents in Burkas
  7. labour wins historic third term with blair in UK
  8. A Race to the Top
  9. URGENT: ACTION ALERT, Visit of PM Manmohan Singh
  10. U.N. sanctions on Islamic Jihad
  11. World War II celebrations in Europe-celebration of a tragedy?
  12. Software amnesty in Indonesia
  13. "Secularism" of French greater than "Secularism" of our Congress
  14. Reason's For Partition Of India
  15. Building up a case against Iran...
  16. Kamaal Ho Gaya ... Sheikhji wants His Cake
  17. 'Indians are bastards anyway' - Nixon
  18. Sickest news story EVER!!!!
  19. India is America's best friend
  20. Now US support India for Permanent membership in UN Security council
  21. Muslims Are a Political Majority in India’ :D
  22. Bin Laden Under Protection of Pakistan-CIA
  23. Indira Gandhi..A Devil Old Women...president nixon
  24. Indians are bastards, said Kissinger
  25. US restores duty-free access for exports
  26. Finally Kissiger Apologized...
  27. Bush Falls Off Bike, Bill O'Reilly Suffers Facial Abrasions
  28. London terror attacks - What will happen next?
  29. London Mayor Defended 'Theologian of Terror'
  30. Good for nothing UN still hamstrung on defining terror
  31. The 28,000 victims of terrorism
  32. How safe are the US mass transit systems????
  33. China Economically - Yes, Please; China Politically - No, Thanks
  34. Suicide Bombers Training Grounds
  35. 'When A Q Khan called a.. Hindu b****Rd'
  36. Finally some good news
  37. Avid US supporting Dane sent to jail
  38. Netherland worries Over Mohammed B. Becoming 'Prison Prophet'
  39. Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca
  40. Two Great Democracies
  41. Read this interview - Dr. Ali Sina
  42. Pakistan is still the key terror hub: US report
  43. UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber
  44. Monday morning worry - Will the UK style blasts occur in USA?
  45. Pentagon caught making up "anonymous quotes"
  46. A short essay on terrorism
  47. Truth is the First Civilian Casualty
  48. India is not equal to Pak on nukes: US
  49. Why no Indian Muslim is in Al-Qaeda
  50. Pakistan: a Geopolitical Crux
  51. Cozying up to India
  52. ex-Hindu(s) in al Qaeda
  53. How do countries define their territorial waters?
  54. The War On Terror: Is It Really A War?
  55. Aaj ke Din Japan mai.......The Cruel face of AMREEKA
  56. Terrorism comes to Londonistan
  57. Gaylifornia newspaper provides publicity for OBL
  58. India, the proliferator
  59. Wanted: Some Hindu spine
  60. Enter, the Dragon (Do read when you get the time)
  61. Something that will make Echarcha and Viking very happy!!!
  62. India is surrounded by failed or failing states
  63. Two Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch
  64. GOP senator likens Iraq War with Vietnam
  65. Jihad Still Part of Lesson in Pakistan's Schools
  66. Shortage of soldiers in Iraq -The solution
  67. Pat Robertson's comments
  68. Why Ariel Sharon pulled Israel out of Gaza
  69. Gaza Pullout May Lead to Catastrophe – Russian Expert
  70. India renews historic Afghan ties
  71. US responsible for spread of HIV in Africa
  72. New Orleans and Mumbai: a study in contrast
  73. mazaak hain?? hang sarabjit NOW !!
  74. Katrina: An ominous sign for USA?
  75. Kab samjhenge yeh lok
  76. Mushayara - 2 lines for Bush
  77. An article about China's internet firewall
  78. Open letter to Bush by Michael Moore..
  79. An interesting Iraqi Blogger
  80. The Iran India gas pipeline via Pakistan - some questions
  81. TALKING POINTS: India, NPT and Civilian Nuclear Technology
  82. US Want..India to Join G-7
  83. Pak concerned over changes in Jinnah House
  84. Pakistan's so-called "war against terror'!
  85. Future of US-India Nuke deal
  86. A PhD Taxi Driver in North America
  87. Lindie England sentenced to jail over Abu Ghraib prison actions
  88. Musharraf a liar says, Post
  89. Race, Lies and New Orleans
  90. Belgium the next Pakistan? Terrorists in Europe find base in Belgium
  91. End beheadings – shoot hostages, orders al-Qaeda
  92. A refreshing approach from India
  93. Katrina mess: bunch of lies by media
  94. Group asks US to stop deporting Pakistanis
  95. Jayant Patel - Dr. Death of Australia & US...
  96. Indo-US N-deal may be dead on arrival
  97. MEMRITV.org
  98. Mark Steyn predicted the riots in France and Europe.
  99. London bomb attacks - Muslim group warns on anti-terror laws
  100. Five questions non-Muslims would like answered
  101. Benefit game is diverse, if a bit demented
  102. Credible deterrence against India compulsion: Pakistan
  103. France still on fire
  104. "The Man Who Sold the War" - A must read for a political junkie
  105. Is it wrong to Hang a Drug Pedler ?
  106. Foreigners taking Indian visa for work
  107. It’s Time To Investigate Able Danger and the 9/11 Commission
  108. The next time you think Democracy in India is a Curse, Consider This
  109. India to teach English to ASEAN nations
  110. India, a powerhouse: ASEAN
  111. Conspiracy Video on 9/11
  112. Iraqi Blog - Amusing Blog update
  113. Ignore this genocide, we're secular
  114. Claws out over claim China discovered America
  115. Get Ready For Fuel Touching Over $100 a Barrel If Iran Has Its Way
  116. Petition for debate in congress on book of peace
  117. Is India being repeatedly outsmarted by China?
  118. picture of islamic cruelity
  119. India nuclear deal faces problems
  120. Why the United States needs India
  121. Is Iran really a threat to US?
  122. Iran Oil Bourse : Source of troubles for US?
  123. India history spat hits US
  124. An alternative view on President Bush
  125. Your fingerprints may be owned by companies
  126. Globalist New World Order---very revealing
  127. Will Baluchistan Break Out of Pakistan? A Carnegie Study on the Province's Fight for
  128. India tilts to the west as the world’s new poles emerge
  129. National Rally Against Islamofascism Day
  130. Israel tried to kill bin Laden in 1996
  131. Dubya is a closet pinko
  132. US : State of the Union Address
  133. fate of a Hindu
  134. What ails Indo-US nuclear deal
  135. Americans should not be called occupiers-Afghan Ambassador
  136. Battlelines drawn over top job at U.N.
  137. Roses of Prophet Muhammad--must read
  138. Sachin points out mistake in printing Indian flag on tickets
  139. Part of Pakistan under Al Qaeda
  140. Bush: India should divide nuke programs
  141. The great Indian hope trick (a recommende read)
  142. Extra-terrestrials speak on UAE and Port deal
  143. The Bush Visit:Chat with the Experts - Rediff.com
  144. Poll reveals 40pc of Muslims want sharia law in UK
  145. A global bully as a friend
  146. A tribute to Slobodan Milosovic
  147. A nation in Europe to be headed by a muslim terrorist.
  148. Interesting video on Al-Jazeera TV
  149. Afghan Christian convert is freed... What now?
  150. A Double Cartoon Standard
  151. India Nuclear Deal - The Truth Behind The Diplomacy
  152. Rice defends nuclear deal with India
  153. World Bank's $1bn slap for India
  154. CAGW’s 2006 Pig Book Exposes Record $29 Billion in Pork!
  155. A Nuclear Reality Check
  156. Moussaoui Jury Hears Cockpit Recording of Doomed Flight 93
  157. Terrorists Seen Turning to Campuses for Skills
  158. Pak hardliner sees India hand in Karachi blast
  159. Do you think Japan and USA will ever have a woman president?
  160. 2 'US spies' beheaded in Pakistan
  161. A Strange Honor of being MOST STUPID
  162. Controlling the geo-political scene
  163. Another Controversy for Bush Government
  164. The man Pakistan banks on
  165. A Jewish Perspective on G.W. Bush
  166. United States, India Continue Cooperation Against Terrorism
  167. Israel launches satellite to spy on Iran
  168. Malaysia demolishes century-old Hindu temple in Kuala Lampur
  169. Iran has enriched a small quantity of uranium
  170. Taliban threatens to kill Indian hostage
  171. U.S. trying to turn up heat on Iran nukes
  172. Gangs claim their turf in Iraq
  173. Colbert's speech at The White House correspondents' dinner
  174. What will it take, Mr Prime Minister?
  175. Australia selling uranium to India
  176. Bush support rating falls to 29 percent: poll
  177. For those who think Democracy is a curse : The Secret Behind China's Economy
  178. Bali Bomber Cleric walks free in Indonesia
  179. France intends to set up aircraft manufacturing unit in India
  180. Border trade reopen with China
  181. Puri Shankaracharya warns over Nepal
  182. I knew UN is just BS - Iran Death Judge Lands U.N. Seat On Human Rights
  183. Poll shows Muslims in Britain are the most anti-western in Europe
  184. Merger of Mexico and Canada with USA
  185. Paki's creating trouble in UK
  186. Osama's former sex slave writes for TV
  187. Narmada Dam protestors should see how China deals with dissidents
  188. You want Muslim immigration? Then you deserve this - After Londonistan
  189. Montana mother who is fighting al-Qa'eda from her sitting room
  190. Tamil Tigers Apologize for Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination
  191. India puts friendship with Israel at stake
  192. US versus I-Wreck
  193. Chechen warlord killed
  194. Scott Adams' take on 72 virgins
  195. Israel’s Two-Front Battle
  196. Is this Begning of WorldWar-3 ??
  197. Are the British to be blamed?
  198. Hope this is true - Arab Majority May Not Stay Forever Silent
  199. Dutch Court OKs 'Pedophile' Political Party
  200. Middle east: Why war?
  201. surgical strikes, my ass
  202. It's a War ... - Lebanon v/s Isarzel
  203. A Hizbullah victory is not in India’s interests
  204. 9/11 Was An Inside Job ?????
  205. What should do with Osama bin laden
  206. Most Lebanese are liars
  207. Israel is losing World War III
  208. Fighter jets will make Pakistan's debt soar
  209. Is Al Qaeeda really about fighting infidels? I dont think so..
  210. Al Gore, A hypocrite environmentalist
  211. UK Muslims pick wrong day to issue threats!
  212. Did Israel win the battle with Hizbollah
  213. 'US not allowing direct flights from Pak'
  214. Pakistan/ISI Involvement in Recent UK plot
  215. Senator Allen calls an Indian a Macaca
  216. 'Pakistan is a bigger threat than Hezbollah'
  217. Terrorism against brown people is OK, but not against white people ?
  218. India, Iran & Afghanistan.. future allies
  219. Good chance for India to dismember Pak.... again
  220. US still doesn't get it - Allows a flood of Muslims to enter USA
  221. 9/11 enemies are still hiding in plain sight
  222. Of Macacas, Ghandis, and 7-11 Owners
  223. Chavez calls Bush 'devil' in U.N. speech
  224. Now Bush will send troops inside Pakistan to catch bin Laden
  225. OBL Dead?
  226. Indian student murdered in St-Petersburg
  227. Pakistan's intelligence agency Helping AlQaeda and Talibaan
  228. Karzai Asks PukiLand to Close Madrassas
  229. Another Plane Hijacked by Terrorists
  230. Are muslims ever NOT "outraged" by something?
  231. I just recelived a letter from the Deputy Minister of Safety & Security South Africa
  232. World Social Rankings..
  233. The Battle for Britistan - Queen opens prayer room for Muslim employee
  234. India will be third largest economy .......World Bank
  235. Chinese soldiers shoot unarmed Tibetian Refugees
  236. Aussie Muslim Cleric blames women's attire for rape attacks
  237. debate in pak school
  238. Thousands of Bangladeshis entering India with valid documents!!
  239. 2006mid-term elections in the US
  240. San Jose throws out corrupt Latino politicians
  241. 2006 Mid term elections - 10 stories to follow
  242. Not good in history, Please enlighten how is Arunachal related to China
  243. Sikhs blame British policy of 'Asian' tag
  244. Slap to Australians - Islamic terrorists involved in Bali bombings set free
  245. While France twiddles its thumbs, Holland takes action - bans burqa
  246. Jihadis and whores
  247. Hindu temples demolished in Kazakhstan
  248. Are Western countries well wishers of Hinduism?
  249. Musharraf's New Proposal
  250. AirBus planning to Sell 1100 Aircrafts to India