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  1. Vote for our Taj Mahal
  2. which country would you choose to live in
  3. Is Michael Jackson guilty and will he be found guilty?
  4. Should India invite Mushu Kaka ?
  5. Do you include your educational qualification in your business card?
  6. Will you or did you include your qualifications on your wedding invitation card?
  7. Is the revamped eCharcha.Com site faster?
  8. Who should be the next India XI cricket captain ?
  9. Is the ban on dance bars justified?
  10. What's your blood type?
  11. Should an article page be started?
  12. Do you watch American / Indian Idol?
  13. Do you agree with Shiv Sena's views on the attribution of women's dressing to rape??
  14. which airline do you prefer to fly in india?
  15. which airline do you prefer to fly from India to overseas?
  16. which computer manufacturer do u prefer?
  17. ancient civilsation that interests you
  18. Have you supported corruption ?
  19. Favorite Color?
  20. So have you seen Star Wars Episode 3? How is it?
  21. Internet contests..
  22. Harmony!
  23. Aa Ab laut Chalen...India faces workers shortage
  24. What email client software do you use?
  25. How are your Parents placed, with you living abroad?
  26. which soft drink do u prefer more?
  27. Do the people of the bomb & the book condemn terrorist attacks enough in India?
  28. Poll TEST
  29. which antivirus software do you use to protect your home computer?
  30. Do you believe in Manmohan Singh's promise of transforming Mumbai into Shanghai?
  31. Would you join US army during war with India
  32. What kind of meat have you tried?
  33. Sports Gear
  34. Should Mumbai Be Separated From Maharashtra?
  35. Analyze this: Pakistan nukes India, then what?
  36. Can India ever be united in true spirit ?
  37. Music while working
  38. Should Military Training Be Made Compulsary?
  39. Which forum do you visit first after logging in to eCharcha.Com everyday?
  40. What if Bobby Jindal were governor of Louisiana during Katrina crisis?
  41. What is the best cologne for men ?
  42. So many Muslims are highlighted for crime
  43. Stock Market Scam
  44. Is Ali Sina a good debater?
  45. How did u get ur first condom??
  46. Quality Of EC Discussions
  47. How many plastic stirrers do you use for your coffee?
  48. Do yall consider safety when buying a car?
  49. Which national party do most Dalits vote for?
  50. Do you think anything productive comes out of parliament sessions?
  51. Is "Safe Sex" the right message for AIDS awareness?
  52. What Is More Dangerous To The Nation - Casteism Or Communalism
  53. We Need Reservation In Film Industry Too !!!
  54. Will you Vote for Raj Thackeray if he opposes reservations
  55. Most communal echarchan
  56. Will BJP Return To It's Basic Ideology?
  57. National Anthem - Jana Gana Mana,Howmany know it by heart?
  58. Do U think 'Rang de Basanti' will Stun & Awake at least a few People in India
  59. Do we need a dedicated humor section or is Friday Special enough?
  60. best car in india (overall)
  61. Whose Signature(s) do U like the Most
  62. Is it ok to breed amimals to hunt?
  63. Should educated youths join Indian Politics?
  64. Is The UPA Govt. Doomed To Fall?
  65. Who Is A Better Actress
  66. Behaviour Of Indian Muslims
  67. Should Tendulkar be axed.
  68. When you are on the shitpot
  69. Which dream you dream most?
  70. Who is best story writer eCharchan?
  71. Is Hinduism Getting Distorted?
  72. PG Exam scam! - Govt to debar guilty students
  73. What do you like to name your baby after?
  74. Who is most annoying eCharchan?
  75. whoz the most likeable Echarchan?
  76. Should chocolates be used as pacifiers?
  77. At what age children should be given pocket money?
  78. Salary ranges of echans
  79. Average credit card bill
  80. How many toilet paper rolls does your household use per month?
  81. Which toilet paper brand do you use?
  82. Will Kangress Mop Votes Using Upper Caste Blood As Floor Cleaner?
  83. Hum sabb doston hain...
  84. Is India Heading Towards Civil War?
  85. When did you make your first million dollars?
  86. India's most useless politician at national level..
  87. Which is your preferred method to clear up constipation?
  88. Is India Heading Towards Muslim Rule?
  89. Most Hated Couple in India
  90. Which Khan U hate most
  91. Does The Quran Really Preach Peace?
  92. Whats the Motivating factor for doing BAD things
  93. Is SRK # 1
  94. Is Hollywood better or Bollywood better?
  95. Film Actresses are PROSTITUES ?????????? Hai Koi Jawaab ?????????
  96. What turns you on - Erotica or Porno?
  97. Yes ? No ? Cant Say ???
  98. who are The Dirtiest People
  99. Max De Indiana vs Animal Eaters
  100. Which Echarchain's Id u find funniest ?
  101. Whose gona be Miss World 2006 ?
  102. which was your favorite indian drink/juice as a child
  103. How would you like to die ?
  104. Should Indian Muslims Come Out In Support Of Mohd. Afzal's Hanging?
  105. Which design of cell phones do you prefer while going for a new one ?
  106. Wud U like to MAKE LOVE at a NATURAL PLACE
  107. Do Celebs Sex Videos Have a more Ommph appeal than the unknown porn stars ?
  108. Wud U allow ur PARTNER to have SEX with somebody else ???
  109. Should Prostitution be legalised in India ?
  110. Guessing Game - Will Tata Steel Get Corus?
  111. Who has got most no of FAKE IDs ?
  112. How is India gona perform in Asian Games ?
  113. Is Saddam Hussein justified to be hanged?
  114. Garba vs Bhangra: Which one do you prefer?
  115. Indian of the year 2006
  116. EC Person Of The Year 2006! nominations!!
  117. Once again! EC Person of the Year 2006 nominations!!
  118. How do you perceive the Iraq War?
  119. Who will win Superbowl 2007?
  120. Google Office -- Who us? An Office suite? Never.
  121. Political Leanings
  122. Sex Education in India
  123. Who will win 2007 UP Assembly Elections?
  124. Next President of India
  125. Which of these lady echans should replace Landyabhai as moderator
  126. How clean is your car?
  127. Hilarious chaddi ad poll...
  128. My Money
  129. What is your favorite name for a stripper
  130. Which branch of the military would you serve in?
  131. What kind of traffic jams frustrate you most?
  132. What extra features do you look for in a cell phone?
  133. What will you choose in weekend
  134. Do You PEE in the swimming pool ???
  135. Which Email service do you like the Most?
  136. When you Pee
  137. Wen you look at a girl
  138. kya kare?
  139. Imperial vs Metric Systems
  140. Do you wear your underwear to sleep ?
  141. Money or Knowledge? Choose one
  142. Who is the most loathed member on echarcha?
  143. How many seats Modi could win in forthcoming Assembly Elections of Gujarat?
  144. Two Days From Forced Retirement ... pl suggest activities for old and aged!
  145. what ..
  146. Which season colors do you like
  147. Who will win American Idol 2008?
  148. dhurandhar's :D
  149. Who has done most damage to EC? Vote last option for Tantric Yogi
  150. Who should be Obama's VP
  151. Sex with more than one partner ?
  152. How Yankee are you ?
  153. If colleague/neighbor consults psychiatrists.......
  154. Whom you will support if the election happen now?
  155. Behind every successful man there is a women? True or false
  156. Will UPA govt survive trust vote on July 22
  157. Where to register for DNC (Do Not Call) service in India ?
  158. Proud Indian
  159. How many of you drink, but dont smoke ? And veg/nonveg issues!
  160. How many eCharchans in US own a firearm?
  161. CENSUS ... Kindly Participate
  162. Congress worker's devotion to Sonia & family
  163. Mandatory Military Service for a peroid
  164. Gays and Lesbians question
  165. Mumbai attacks - Will India take any action against Pakistan?
  166. Should Indian Cricket Team's Pakistan Tour Go Ahead?
  167. Foreign rule in India
  168. Who will win the 2009 Lok Sabha elections?
  169. Tele-conversation between Pak handlers and the Mumbai terror
  170. makemytrip.com to book a ticket?
  171. Ragging
  173. Have you ever been "enjoyed" at a religous place?
  174. How many echans have taken/given dowry
  175. Should Akshay Kumar's act be considered obscene?
  177. Dachau - Extermination of a race
  178. West's view on Indian role in Afghanistan
  179. Ailments we have.
  180. What would you do during a racist attack?
  181. What after hot sex ?
  182. Republican or Democrat
  183. Your vote - Ban AMTHALAL or Tantric ..... ?
  184. Which one is more pleasant main forum page? Now or 24 hours ago one?
  185. Most Incompatible Indian Habit For The West
  186. Miss Universe 2009
  187. Who should lead the BJP now ?
  188. Ramayan , Mahabharat and hindu epics are fairy tales ?
  189. Should A Wife/GF Be Taller Than Her Husband?/BF
  190. What/Who is India's BEST Brand?
  191. Have you ever been fooled in to eating what
  192. Maradona says he's better than Pele
  193. Who will win the maharashtra assembly elections
  194. Who's the most beautiful woman to have graced the hindi movie screen
  195. Poll ... what to do now since No Old Politician has made a breaking news?
  196. Which profession is older? Prostitution OR Agriculture?
  197. Who's best suited to be country's future prime minister .
  198. Infinite Happiness or Infinite Knowledge?
  199. What would you prefer: Success or Recognition of Success?
  200. Who will win the haryana assembly polls???
  201. Rhetoric about soldier's salary
  202. Need immigrants be grateful towards US?
  203. U.S. colonial rule in India
  204. Make me a moderator
  205. Cruelty Or Delicacy?
  206. Telangana Satyagraha - Fasting To Meet Objetives
  207. Final Speech Of Nathuram Godse
  208. Andhra United or Divided? Your vote Counts !!
  209. The Gandhian Penis
  210. Pune doc helps Pak man breathe easy
  211. Does Truth ultimately win?
  212. How do you like your cooked rice?
  213. bill payment for food
  214. Ab tera kya hoga Kasab ?
  215. Porn Movies or Porn Movie Clips
  216. Mystery Reveled- Why Earthquakes Are Caused
  217. Gullibility Factor Test!
  218. Shringarey's psy-op theories for seducing females
  219. Ugliest Hindi Actor?
  220. Is it appropriate to shorten our names...
  221. What do you believe??
  222. On An AVERAGE How Long Does It Take YOU To Recover?
  223. Social networking sites like facebook overtake porn in popularity on internet
  224. First thing you do when you wake up?
  225. Dwindling Morals in Moderator's Camp
  226. Non-Veg & Animal Slaughter
  227. why men cry ????
  228. Name 3 ind. states whre birth control shd be compulsory
  229. National leaders - Who would you bring back today?
  230. Financial obligations and responsibilities toward children
  231. How often do you shampoo your head?
  232. Uniquest thing about www.echarcha.com
  233. Do you observe fast?
  234. What would you like to see done to suspected terrorists?
  235. Ambassdor Trying To Make A Comeback
  236. Was The Struggle For Independence A Mistake?
  237. If you were given another chance in life
  238. Pure Risk insurance or insurance with returns
  239. Will censoring of adult services ads in Craigslist lead to more crime?
  240. Virussji ... Decision time. Pl. Vote.
  241. Ayodhya court verdict
  243. Sex or war?
  244. Women like to be macked ?
  245. Is your wife older than you?
  246. Chitralaji's NUDITY vs PRUDE Perverts of this site
  247. LAST POLL ... Old Men Fetish
  248. Moderator for a Day/week
  249. Sheela / Munni
  250. True or False