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  1. Viagra?????
  2. phenylpropanolamine recall. Alert
  4. Breast feeding and its benefits
  5. Welcome to the Health forum
  6. FDA: Kava may link to liver damage
  7. Homoeopathy in USA
  8. New Serotonin Role Is Seen-A.P
  9. Interesting article....cure for flatulence
  10. What is a good age to try viagra? What is Indian alternative to viagra?
  11. Does water therapy for weight loss work?
  12. What steps are necessary to last longer?
  13. Does natural supplements like Testostrol help in increase of potency?
  14. Suggest simple exercise to improve performance
  15. Can we decide on gender of child by doing sex on particular days?
  16. Coronary Artery Disease: How Your Diet Can Help
  17. Benefits of Cod Liver oil
  18. Not feeling well today - Cough and Cold
  19. Autosuggestion
  20. What is colonic irrigation? Is this good for intestine health?
  21. Exercise and dieting ...
  22. Target Heart Rate ?
  23. Food, Energy and Stored Fat ...
  24. OxyContin Deaths Said to Be Up Sharply
  25. Young Mothers at Risk of Abuse by Male Partners
  26. How to avoid sickness in India?
  27. Marijuana - good or bad??
  28. Computer Ergonomics on Human Posture
  29. Poo Poo/Shit As Test of Your Health
  30. Next Day Effects of eating certain foods
  31. Can You tell THIRST from HUNGER?
  32. Single Indian Male are in deep trouble
  33. anyone help
  34. What the hell ?
  35. Bone Cancer
  36. Vegetarians vs Non-Vegetarians!
  37. Men Toiletries
  38. Humble Tea May Save Your Life
  39. Low fat Diet MYTH ...
  40. Hormone Levels and Why Men Behave Badly
  41. Child care n toiletries
  42. what exercise will
  43. Do yall support fedral funding for Stem Cell Research?
  44. Steps In Overcoming Masturbation
  45. Beware Of Aids
  46. Sleep!
  47. Organ Donors!
  48. Fixin's Added To Food Pyramid By USDA
  49. Eye Drops Can Help Head Off Glaucoma, Research Affirms
  50. AIDS Drugs During Pregnancy Don't Harm Fetus, Study Finds
  51. What if you woke up with amnesia??
  52. Uncircumcised penises have more fun
  53. Where is your uvula?
  54. Pierced Penises with rings have less fun.
  55. Any side effects of elongation pills?
  56. Hair in the ears.
  57. white/gray hair or loss of hair
  58. What is Prostate massage and is it a good therapy to prevent prostate cancer?
  59. It is said that one should not read while in restroom. Is this true?
  60. How to Prolong act of holy union or "lovemaking"
  61. How to save on prescription drugs!
  62. urgent tooth prob!
  63. nose bleed
  64. Eating Spinach (Palak) is good for health
  65. reasons for converting from a non-vegeterian to vegeterian
  66. Hormone Therapy for Women can be Dangerous and lead to heart attacks
  67. Jab Pratak-kallen vidhi mein baadha ho
  68. Kya Hastmaithun uchit hain?
  69. if i take
  70. My girlfriends sister want me.
  71. Beware Of Drinking Colddrinks
  72. Would u donate ur organ to save A life?
  73. Bypass surgery
  74. Your Blood Group (incase someone needs it)
  75. Another Blood Donation thread..
  76. Paet ki gas ka ilaaj? Curing for stomach gas?
  77. If some urine drops fall is it medical problem?
  78. Eating non vegetarian food like hot dogs causes hard stools
  79. High fever and how to control it.
  80. Doctor OR Doctorine ? Which one is better ?
  81. Smokers might want to read this
  82. You might want to vote here
  83. how you ll treat urself when....
  84. Coconut oil healthiest on earth: US naturopath
  85. Size isnít everything - sizehimup.co.uk
  86. Is it safe to swim in public pool?
  87. What food to avoid to increase sex feelings and stamina
  88. castor oil for food
  89. Is buffalo milk better than cow milk?
  90. are any celibates here?
  91. Spit
  92. ringworm etc
  93. Going to toilet two three times is good or bad?
  94. Is always getting dreams good or bad?
  95. Budape mein raat ko neend kiyoun nahin aati?
  96. Are Caffeine base Energy drinks good for health?
  97. Biological Weapons expert warnr of global smallpox threat
  98. Breakthrough technology..No Zakhmi Gands anymore...
  99. Men can pump up testosterone in bid for baby
  100. Health Club Ettiquettes
  101. After too much alcohol what to do? Adhik madira paan ke pascchat ke upay sujhaiye
  102. Index Finger Length Can Predict Penis Size: Study
  103. What's going on!
  104. Even modest exercise may have cholesterol benefits
  105. AIDS hits home in India
  106. Was the first man born in India?
  107. Whatís in a neem? German is expert on Indian tree
  108. Stem cell research ... fantastic news
  109. BAD NEWS! Videsee on diet!
  110. Mexican food and stomach gas
  111. Airports & Hospitals alerted over mystery illness
  112. China - where viral outbreaks are born?
  113. Fatal Pneumonia: Thai woman may have virus
  114. Someone Sneezes Near Me, Doesn't Cover Their Mouth. I Get Sick. Sue?
  115. Is personality disorders on average high in intelligent minds?
  116. Are there schizophrenic's on echarcha talking to themselves w/different usernames?
  117. I need sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy because of stomach upset
  118. Dr Sanjay Gupta - CNN scribe performs brain surgery in warfield
  119. China's handling of SARS ...
  120. First SARS case in Mumbai??
  121. Late Mr. Liu Jian Lun
  122. Whats your body fat????
  123. What is the function of pubic hair?
  124. Why do men have nipples ?
  125. Hospitals in China hide SARS patients from international health officials
  126. SARS and wearing masks
  127. Human genome project completed.
  128. Should I go for a SARS test or not ?
  129. Anybody treated for Kidney stones here ?
  130. SARS spreads in one Indian city!
  131. Loose weigth
  132. Is smoking marijuana healthy? Your opinion please.
  133. Swimming pool chlorine linked to asthma epidemic
  134. Correct usage of toilet paper?
  135. ever used a neti pot!!!!
  136. Computer-related Health Issues
  137. Exercise in morning or evening? Which is an ideal time?
  138. Please help a friend of ours: He is in need of Help
  139. Female Iranian Twin Lawyers Joined at Head Dead.
  140. MMR Vaccine and Autism
  141. Sad news: an ex-colleague dies of a rare disease called TTP
  142. Funny observation in male restroom
  143. 'Fly boy' continues to suffer as doctors struggle
  144. For sake of records - How to survive a heart attack when alone
  145. Masturbate, and avoid prostate cancer
  146. Guide for exercising different body parts (videos too)
  147. some questions
  148. Have you been to your local ER? How long did it take to see a doctor?
  149. Heart Attack
  150. Contact Lens - Pros and Cons
  151. What is the difference between "having sex" and or "making love"?
  152. Greatness of India: Yoga at the speed of light
  153. 8,000 U.S. doctors demand Canadian style health care
  154. Aroma Therapy : in Park Hayyatt Goa
  155. Why Good People Die Early
  156. Dirty bathrooms and toilets at a host's place.
  157. POLL - Chikna or MoochheiN?
  158. India exports people?
  159. Red wine may protect smokers
  160. Cookies with black coffee - surefire way to get acidity and heartburn
  161. Is nose digging a subconscious activity?
  162. Health insurance for NRIs soon
  163. Its important to know when you go to answer nature's call.
  164. Viagra Rasgulla!!!
  165. Is politeness bad for heart ?
  166. A good site for Yoga
  167. It pays to shop around for prescription drugs
  168. Which soaps, shampoos, shaving gel, etc. do you use?
  169. Dirty wash basins
  170. I got earworms!
  171. POLL: Cut v/s UNCUT
  172. The Running Sikh
  173. Forced psychiatric medication
  174. Prince Charles!
  175. Indian blood donors in USA
  176. Condom Vs Pills
  177. Underwear makes Indian men impotent?
  178. On-line Orgasmic Simulation
  179. Medical advise needed.
  180. ForeSkin Problem
  181. When you step into a shower, which part of the body do you wash first?
  182. Some questions for any transsexual echarchans
  183. Cow feed? Mad Cow disease in US cows
  184. Teach your dog to do yoga
  185. Boobs AND Brains AND Babes - My Personal Observation
  186. BOOBS and BABES and BOOKS - Another Personal Observation of mine over the years .
  187. Help : I need this picture - Sleeping positions
  188. Odd observations - Flushing urinals after you finish your job
  189. Shaving habits - Which side do you shave first?
  190. Pakkidost is Netra....?
  191. Horses to Tantric Yogi's Rescue!
  192. Bird Flu in ASIA - a recurring epidemic
  193. A query about HIV
  194. Learn about sex from car manual
  195. Eat Fish Regularly to live Longer
  196. Salmon fish - Healthy or a Health Risk?
  197. Has spending tons of money for AIDS awareness raised awareness?
  198. Howard Hughes: Patron Of Science?
  199. Banned 'gutkha' still lives on in Maharashtra (?)
  200. How safe is the Aitkins diet?
  201. Hair Dryers, Electric Shavers & Electric Blankets contribute to brain damage
  202. Drink less water
  203. 15 minutes of sex is worth
  204. Why do Pubic Hairs got such a different texture from hair anywhere else on the body.
  205. Genetically Modified Food
  206. Beware of eating tuna fish
  207. Why does body wash foam up only with a sponge or bath brush?
  208. Masturbation is good for old men
  209. Why do you get shivers while urinating?
  210. The technology behind your erection!
  211. Techie pros: well paid but not well (Don't know whether it is good or bad..!!!)
  212. What are your thoughts on stem cell research?
  213. Why the HELL does anyone smokes?
  214. Lack of hormone gave German 'superkid' big muscles
  215. Anybdy tried laser treatment for eyes
  216. Sure Cure!
  217. Butter...is it vegetarian or non vegetarian?
  218. Why is yawning contagious?
  219. Viagra bought online 'often fake'
  220. Yellow Band
  221. Mobile phones could cause ear tumours
  222. Pubic Hair (guys)
  223. No wonder Indian population is booming
  224. Choose 1 The Taj Mahal or Aishwaryya
  225. Today is 20 Th Aniversary of Bhopal Tragedy
  226. AIDS: prevention v/s cure
  227. Wiping with toliet paper - front-to-back/back-to-front: which gives better results?
  228. Any echarchan wants a years supply of CHURAN?
  229. Laptops cause infertility
  230. experiences regarding flu---first time victim
  231. Scientists develop mechanical ar$e drilling worms.
  232. How to lose weight on a treadmill?
  233. Haldi
  234. when did first notice your erection?
  235. The Prophet of Immortality, Controversial theorist Aubrey de Grey
  236. Colon Cancer
  237. Uma Bharti suffers chest pain
  238. Where do you guys buy your green tea
  239. You want a fresh smelling toilet bowl? Stop!! You might get cancer!!
  240. How good is Alum as an aftershave?
  241. Body Mass Index (BMI) Indicator for Obesity
  242. India Begins AIDS Vaccine Testing On Humans
  243. Follow Karamchand & Keep Cancer at Bay
  244. What brand, how much and how many wipes?
  245. A tribute to charcha pai-----how do you use toilet paper to wipe your a-hole
  246. Max and HIS health problems ... Max pl post in this thread. Thanks.
  247. Max's diet thread
  248. ¬ęHumane¬Ľ Slaughtering
  249. Are You A Breast Man?
  250. hey MaxDeIndian ... talk to Terminator jr ... he is eating chicken