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  1. Why a new forum was added?
  2. What do Indian women really seek in a man?
  3. Is sexual fantasy a sin?
  4. What kind of a man/woman would you like to marry?
  5. Sex before marriage?
  6. Live-In before marriage?
  7. How many of you learnt about 'bees and flowers' from your parents?
  8. Cousins
  9. Love across religions
  10. what if we eliminated the caste system totally ???
  11. Correct the wrong Indian History written by Euro Historians!
  12. Do Indian men prefer condoms for birth control?
  13. Do Indian women prefer the condom over the pill?
  14. Should I cheat ?
  15. Increasing divorce rate: who is to blame? Women or Men??
  16. eX and friendship
  17. The first night (suhaag raat): Your take?
  18. Do Indian men give their partners orgasm?
  19. Is homosexuality a perversion or a natural thing in some men?
  20. What does one look out for?
  21. Does circumsion affect sexual pleasure?
  22. Is usage of sex toys between husband wife abnormal?
  23. Is anal sex a taboo between husband and wife?
  24. What is the real deal?
  25. How many times should I have sex?
  26. A real dilemma - marriage & virginity
  27. 60% mumbai girls think of sex before marriage ??????
  28. Who introduced you to sex ?????
  29. Getting back to relationship issues.... the big one: money!!
  30. Pre-nuptials?
  31. bada bhai, have you tried oral?
  32. E-ladki
  33. MAN - virgin - WOMEN
  34. What should be a mother's role in a married son's life?
  35. What would be your decision?
  36. Can guys n gals be just friends ?
  37. Thanks to echarcha I now know all about anal
  38. ye mera prem patr paRh kar....
  39. Why do women lie????
  40. Sexual facts about India......so here we are ?
  41. words or action
  42. Biased MotherInLaW
  43. Mother-in-Law & Son-in-Law: What about this relationship?
  44. Matrimonial decision: Would you choose money?
  45. Would you date a ABCD girl/boy?
  46. Why are men afraid of the C word?
  47. arranged marrage once again
  48. I see no problems with anal sex
  49. blind date
  50. Oral sex - what is a dental dam
  51. Are condoms safe for women when performing oral on men?
  52. Is anal sex a safe alternative during special days of a woman?
  53. Would you forgive your wife or expect forgiveness?
  54. Do you enjoy performing cunnilingus?
  55. HOw do women feel about sex initially in arranged marriage?
  56. In a new marriage, how to distribute responsibility fairly?
  57. Does any one know who this guy is?
  58. Good article in Dawn
  59. What is more dangerous?
  60. Is dating with other races acceptable?
  61. Marriage question: Girl has financial responsibilities. Will you marry?
  62. Now tell me something about yourself.
  63. IS masturbation harmful/wrong if you are married?
  64. Opinion on Gandhi
  65. Moral Tension: Should a married man go to a topless bar?
  66. Has anyone experienced this?
  67. American Girl and Indian Guy... your opinion
  68. Extra-Marital Affairs
  69. Suitable grooms!!
  70. Indian Parents In USA/England......
  71. Valentine's Day
  72. atoot bandhan
  73. Koii aisaa shaKhs huwaa kare...
  74. How would you look upon an innocent divorcee?
  75. Are birth control pills safe?
  76. Does circumcision give more or less pleasure?
  77. Can you share your 'proposing' experiences?
  78. How to satisfy wife who demands/needs more?
  79. Kya Yaad Karta Hoga .....
  80. Garr Mil Jaye Kaheh
  81. Murphy's Laws of Dating
  82. Murphy's Laws of Sex - Bade bhai.. esp for u
  83. Dating rules for Men......prepare for 14th feb lal.....
  84. What you find attractive in Indian girls?
  85. Is your wife being a virgin very necessary to you?
  86. Desi boy and ABCD girl - will the marriage work?
  87. Living together without marriage
  88. Gift to Girl-Friend
  89. Are ODORS Sexy ?
  90. What do you think of pre-marital sex?
  91. Who are homosexuals???
  93. This only for married couples/ singles please do not read
  94. Greeting Cards Oriented Towards The Male Buyer
  95. Moustache - Symbol of Machismo ??????
  96. Where to look?
  97. Rat protein may provide 'chemical condom'
  98. PILL...who is real winner...men or women
  99. Mother-in-Law and wife adjustment?
  100. Fart during sex.
  101. oral sex
  102. Proposing :: Bad idea
  103. Is divorce rate increasing among Indians?
  104. Is a quickie justified just before marriage?
  105. Abcd
  106. Marriage?
  107. What are the pitfalls of an intercast marraige
  108. How to please Indian wife/gfd
  109. Old relationships
  110. How n Where n to Whom did you lose your virginity?
  111. We must tollerate eatch other.
  112. virginity,petting basically y chromosome...
  113. AN open LETTER TO all newcomers.....
  114. hello fellows
  115. the legendary insecurity of indian men
  116. Marriage From Hell: Is It The Woman's Fault?
  117. muslim friend
  118. A Q
  119. What to look for in a wife...
  120. What a girl looks for in a husband
  122. Looking for a good friend
  123. Is there such a thing as a perfect Man?
  124. Bangladesh/Kangladesh fighting
  125. Do Looks Matter?
  126. Your Views: Showing Off Your Wife (or GF)/Public Sex
  128. Who is better : male geeks or female geeks
  129. A pertinent topic for those wishing to take the plunge
  130. Question for followers of Ram
  131. Is it bette to keep relation with a married lady or unmarried one?
  132. Suhagraat: How to make it a success?
  133. What do women mean by Equality
  135. The Mating Game
  136. How important is Sex in a marriage?
  137. Your technique to ward off depression...
  138. May you live long.
  139. AN OPEN letter to our AURANGIA and few others..
  140. Which is easier, to become a believer or a non-believer?
  141. Should Jeans/Skirts be allowed in colleges?
  142. The Who Pays Issue
  144. Should condoms be made illegal?
  145. How can you tell if a woman's not a virgin?
  146. Why do we prefer light skin?
  147. An example of modern women
  149. Pl. Come and write nice things of our flowers..Netra/Nandini/Senorita
  150. What's the significance of 786?
  151. What are your views on abortion?
  152. Will you force sex even when...
  153. What is alternative life style?
  154. How much is too much ???
  155. Would having only girl (or boy) childs affect you?
  156. Would you allow your wife/gf to have any male friends?
  157. Weel One Intresting Question?
  158. Feminism and the 21st Century! Your take?
  159. Male Chauvinism - Is it still prevalent even among the younger generation?
  160. Adoption: your views please?
  161. concieving a girl child: Any method to increase the probability
  162. what kinda parents would you like to be
  163. Have you ever lusted for another man's wife?
  164. Relationships
  165. who's the decision maker in your home? Man should always be the commander.
  166. what are the small things in life that make you happy?
  167. E-Realtionships, love and arranged marriages
  168. what do you think - how many %wise indian men manage to lose their virginity before..
  169. is there...
  170. Man In Love...tampon....and Craziness Of Love
  171. Cash Will Be Appreciated.....i Will Buy Own Gift...
  172. See what is going on in your mind........
  173. TWO questions!!!!
  174. Only for Married or goin to marry ...buddies
  175. i seriously think
  176. Bad Blood!
  177. Mantra for removing obstacles from your path...
  178. agony aunt ....
  179. where is the person who starts the thread??
  180. waat do u think of desis shaadiing goris/kaalis/chaptis ??
  181. Son/Daughter
  182. Some thoughts for parents
  183. Husband & wife...How equal???
  184. Marraigeable Age
  185. Ode to my father
  186. Where did Tantric's thread go? hello??
  187. friendship ethics
  188. Happy B'day to Dear Videsee Bhai
  189. How have you handled unwanted advise and tips?
  190. Fatal attraction!!!
  191. What is Vajpayee up to ?
  192. what a nice treatment
  193. Its raining in love
  194. The height of greed!!!
  195. Sexual deviation
  196. what's wrong here????
  197. What women want ??
  198. where do u find ur solace????
  199. Handling Crisis in Relationship
  200. Perfect wife...... your opinion please
  201. perfect husband.....your opinion please
  202. Extra marital incident : disclose or hide ?
  203. Cheating Romeos, your time is over
  204. Is this normal?
  205. Indian names for hot babe
  206. Acceping hindus as forfathers by people living in india
  207. Meeting echarchans in person...
  208. Past Sexual relationships
  209. what kinda dress you like ur girl/boy to be in???
  210. What do the hep cats of today want?
  211. Terms of endearment?
  212. Questions about Girls
  213. sex education
  214. Embarrasing questions your kids asked...
  215. APOLOGIES ...No song and no dance...
  216. Benefits of SEX
  217. And You Thought You Have Problems ...
  218. Ode to 'Kaalia'
  219. What if
  220. parting away with mehbooba
  221. raaz ki baat ...
  222. philosophies
  223. How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time
  224. Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage which is more succesfull ?
  225. God created man or man created God?
  226. Cyber sex: A boon or bane?
  227. How much will you reveal to your spouse
  228. Inspired by Bada_bhai: Should a married man watch porno with his wife?
  229. Inspired by Super G's post-In marriages, how is money handled?
  230. Can you fall in love with a older woman/man?
  231. LOVE OR INFATUATION share your Love Story with us :)
  232. basic facts of life
  233. Balu ki dukh bhari alfaaz mei eik kavita pesh hai
  234. balu feels ( a true extract from balu's heart )
  235. balu is tired
  236. ~ Internet Relationships ~
  237. balu phir se aa gaya kuch nayi kavita ke saath, pesh hai
  238. balu has a dream
  239. Balu writes a letter to his own dad !!!!
  240. How to tell 'NO' to a girl in love with u???
  241. is sex before marriage right or wrong??
  242. Come, Get Intimate With Tantoo Donghee ...
  243. Is Sex After Marriage Right Or Wrong ?
  244. Wild or Nice
  245. girls looking for BF????
  246. Sex not a taboo any more ( at least here on ECharcha)
  247. Indecent Proposal
  248. What is risk of breast increase drugs?
  249. From my last thread -> What is best family planning method?
  250. In Trouble .. Need Help .. Fight Addictiondiction ...