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  1. No friends..studying sucks!
  2. Calls to India for free ??
  3. racist !
  4. Should you boycott??
  5. Indians In Germany
  6. Your experiences of working on H1/B
  7. H1 rules
  8. NE students face discrimination
  9. H-1B Visas: The Politics of Hiring
  10. So which dot com screwed you?
  11. So what type of a 'desi' are you?
  12. Increase in H1/B's - ask your employer about Silicon Valley housing
  13. meeting new people
  14. Jaago NRI pyaare
  15. US embassy announces revision in visa fees
  16. The Landscape of the NRI's inner self
  17. For Veerappan Fans Only
  18. How has the new H1/B bill S.2045 affected you?
  20. What do you think of the joint family system?
  21. Desi software professional interview by Desi
  22. Who are these %^#$^* people ??
  23. A Query on H!
  24. Why Indians dont greet each other in USA?
  25. Why r americans obese????
  26. What do we get by painting a grim image of India ?
  27. Alarm bells or achievement?!!
  28. Too many Indians in the USA
  29. desis are too nosy
  30. Scary: Shoot-out at an Internet company
  31. ATTENTION Bay Area Folks: Guess who's coming to town....
  32. Do you come across or practise regionalism at work?
  33. Heard ISN.ORG?
  34. What is the layoff scenario in your company?
  35. Harsh reality of Lay off and Economy slowdown in US
  36. American boss or Desi boss
  37. Republic Day
  38. Earthquake in India
  39. Problems with H1 Visa Holders
  40. Whats your Choice
  41. $$ back To India ??
  42. Green Card - Questions
  43. Why are we here ??
  44. Question for Desis in the US - Guns
  45. How did u get your first job????
  46. Funny Things that happened to you in USA
  47. US Greencards
  48. Has the Indian exodus begun?
  49. Dilemma
  50. President G. W. Bush's tax cut plan: Will it help revive the economy?
  51. Rising Software Technologies
  53. school as alternative to work?
  54. What career options does a M.D. Pathology have?
  55. Relief for laid off H1B employees
  56. Really funny job application
  57. Why Paper ???
  58. Desi Attitude!
  59. US Economy slow down - reasons - another point of view
  60. Latent Racism
  61. What is most important in buying car in USA ?
  62. Is Satya Sai Baba really satya ??
  63. why do girls wear black or blue only?
  64. The current recession -- is it Demand Vs Supply
  65. Being laid off...and having to go back ?!
  66. Why do most Muslims.......
  67. How would you like to work for an Indian Boss in India
  68. Layoff season
  69. Demand for software contractors
  70. Kate and eNRI our discussion on going back to India
  71. Do any of you guys who are out of India, Mis Indian Fast Food?
  72. all your layoffs are belong to us
  73. Nasdaq News
  74. 11th hour taxes
  75. Have u been laid off?
  76. Indian Patriotism(North Vs South)
  77. latest experiences of H1 stamping in Mumbai
  78. men and women have equal rights
  79. Would you rather use BodyWash or OK Sabun?
  80. girls with goras
  81. McDonalds McChicken??? - See these pics
  82. What is the layoff scenario at your company?
  83. Time ot leave Silicon Valley?
  84. At least in UK
  85. Hindu Computer Coolies
  86. pakistani cabbies
  87. China invades India
  88. eCharcha - Thank Aurangzeb for running your site.
  89. How come desans don't look good in Bikinis?
  90. a query
  91. Technology Question
  92. Aaj aapne kya kiya?
  93. Latest victim of slowing economy : yours truly
  94. Good news echarchans whose on H-1B.
  95. marraige when you go back?
  96. allegation against all Echarchans
  97. The lighter yet dark side of slowing US economy
  98. What would be the top 3 things that would prevent your return to India?
  99. A little advise needed about keeping children in day care
  100. Would you work for a small software company?
  101. Desi Men Stare At Your Western Wife/GF
  102. The false security of employability
  103. Homesick.
  104. Changes comes to you being NRI!
  105. Jaipuri Pyaj Kachori, North indian chaat
  106. Why do desis think every other desi is an asshole?
  107. Top Indian executive at Nortel steps down
  108. For those in the US: how to determine freshness of bread
  109. Desi teenagers
  110. Are desi's confused??
  111. Good news for those in the US..
  112. Layoffs in US of A
  113. is this true?
  114. Was this how Stanford University was started?
  115. Indian headcount soars in America
  116. Any body know of any UNIX?C/C++ senion developers vacancy in Bay area( south Bay)
  117. Kudos to Indian: Child prodigy Jindal now senior Bush administrator
  118. what courses one can study for here
  119. I am surprised
  120. X=X+1 Funda....................See It
  121. Indians and Pakistanis protest in UAE
  122. Ms Info Needed Urgently
  123. Bad luck if you are a NRI visitng your Indian family :(
  124. Tax cut calculator
  125. The green card and priority dates: An interesting point
  126. Indians: The fastest growing immigrant community in USA
  127. Ambassador!!!
  128. Best sites for IT and non IT jobs
  129. Vacation Nightmare
  130. House Keeping please !!!
  131. Canada V/s America
  132. Need To Get Out Of This Rotten Place
  133. procedure for postal application for tourist visa to US
  134. Have you ever been taken in by an infomercial
  135. What is the best place in USA to live in?
  136. Indian Being Degraded on this site . Help !!!
  137. Some tips
  138. A qoestion to all Hindus...
  139. Cathay Pacific in Vancouver
  140. Advice Needed From NRI's &Chemical Engineers
  141. Excellent paper on IT employment scenario and issues.
  142. H1B worker's right to full pay on bench
  143. A Tax Break for Pavement Pounders
  144. 401K questions: Drawing in times of hardship?
  145. All Employment Based priority dates current
  146. roommates
  147. Another scourge of our country
  148. Office politics/gossip
  149. Get Out of delusion
  150. Sales vs Tech
  151. California economy world's fifth largest
  152. This is the limit.... laid off techies spending nights in homeless shelters
  153. Interesting..... blossoming Indo-Israeli Ties are now at a people to people level
  154. Professors of Indian origin in US
  155. Higher interest rates on your savings in US
  156. freebies!!!!!!!!!
  157. Any idea about the job market in Europe?
  158. Job Vacancy
  159. Women in technical jobs
  160. Jobs in other countries
  161. Study of Indian immigration
  162. Who are we????
  163. End of the software era
  164. A salary survey??
  165. Info required
  166. Canada loses #1 status
  167. Only in America...
  168. After so many years in videsh
  169. Materialism!
  170. F-1 Vs. H-1
  171. observation about USA economy
  172. Share your experience of flying
  173. English fluency in Western countries..
  174. what wud life bee with-out cell phones ??
  175. Masters degree from the USA
  176. Return to India?
  177. what milestones u r looking for before u can return home ( India)
  178. kaash koi ladki...
  179. Racism in the US..do u feel it?
  180. Software jobs??.... no way!
  181. Credit History
  182. Returning home from the US...
  183. help !!! help!!!
  184. HELP, HELP !! Help me decide between 2 job offers !!!
  185. HELP ! HELP !! Help me decide between 2 job offers
  186. Your idea of salaryin Japan
  187. needed advice
  188. Tickets to India
  189. Moral Dilemma
  190. Everything You Need to know About Interstate Highways in US
  191. American and Indian English, Language Difference
  192. How do videsee's view gays?
  193. India is just as racist as white western countries - Report
  194. Social Security Dilemma
  195. Another desi in US success story
  196. X = X + 1 Syndrome
  197. How much did you score in GRE?
  198. Indian Techies did it again !
  199. Hopfully the last round of layoffs?
  200. Investment in students
  201. Does India have a intern program in Parliament?
  202. HIB Revoked:what to do
  203. IT workers more ready to roll
  204. This is apna NY
  205. USA Mothers
  206. Job forcast from Emazing
  207. Poll for NRI's
  208. Detroit update
  209. Thats what some of the Americans thinks about H-1B
  210. Bade Beaabroo hokar tere kooche se hum nikle...
  211. Winning in Casino
  212. Where do I sign up ??
  213. puzzle
  214. Green Card processing
  215. Whats New in Delhi?
  216. Well... What do you say?
  217. Racial discrimination - proved by Shiv Chopra
  218. Global Economic Depression?
  219. NRI's frustrations arising from death in the family
  220. Should foreign workers get the boot when Americans hurt?
  221. The Immigrant phenomena
  222. Fed Cuts Rates Quarter-Point, Ready to Do More
  223. What did you do with your TAX rebate check?
  224. Who will rule?
  225. Strange Forgery Email - Take care of your passport at immigration counter
  226. Americans ignorant about Hinduism: survey
  227. Hope For Common Entrance Test .
  228. Is it time to end the H-1B program?
  229. a very bad day
  230. NRIs fly home on United blooper
  231. Good software source
  232. Teachers in Demand
  233. Indian computer coolies
  234. News for Indian Computer Coolies
  235. Mechanisms at the work place
  236. Private Franchising
  237. Your traffic 'ticketing' experiences
  238. Why do many blame desis for bad driving?
  239. Need recommendation for driving instructor in Bay Area
  240. Sinning Hindu infidels
  241. Study: U.S. employees work longest hours
  242. why we talk about India?
  243. Excellent poem for Marathi people living abroad ...
  244. Govt modifies order on foreigners
  245. Indian Techies advised to leave US
  246. Have you faced a glass ceiling?
  247. Questions Regarding Ms Program In Usa. Kindly Answer..
  248. U.S. unemployment jumps
  249. Have you come across groupism among Indians in USA?
  250. Why do Indian stores in USA open late?