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  1. Kya Kehna! ... Better not say anything...
  2. Amitabh Bachchan gets Waxed
  3. any suggestion on good hindi movie
  4. HollyWood : What Lies Beneath... Should have remained beneath!
  5. Review: Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya
  6. DO you think that Govinda is a wholesome entertainer?
  7. Bollywood's new releases scheduled for the year
  8. Fizaaaaaaa
  9. Dhadkan - my heart nearly stopped!
  10. Shikaari - please audience ka shikaar mat karo
  11. HINDI AND REMIX mp3s!!
  12. Why Ash Broke Down??? Hint : Salman Khan
  13. Ash and Salman Affair...hottttttttt
  14. The boozing affair
  15. Ash Love is blind
  16. Wedding Bells ..??
  17. The obsessed hunk of Bollywood
  18. Sallu Dear
  19. Mohabattein
  20. Priety Pritam Rani
  21. Smart Girl with a smart Move
  22. Aditi the coke gal
  23. Madhuri Nene ?????
  24. Hrithik Turns Down Hollywood Project
  25. Mom Rai....
  26. Ash Mads and Sals
  28. Ambedkar... man and the movement
  29. Mission Kashmir - why Kashmir?
  30. Salman Khans next film's producer in jail
  31. Great Film by Indian film Industry
  32. D Company trying to finish off Hrithik Roshan
  33. Miss Congeniality - See it only for Sandra Bullock
  35. Casting couch : Myth or reality
  36. More on reservations...
  37. Kisi kee bhee parwah karte nahin, zamaane se kuch log...
  38. Hindu Fundamentalist Group Wants Aishwarya To Break Up With Salman!
  39. traffic and the war on drugs
  40. Gajagamini
  41. Vertical Limit
  42. India Movie full of shit
  43. any good recent movie??
  44. echarcha Filmfare Awards
  45. Hannibal - Bah... no comparision with Silence of the lambs
  46. Mallaika arora married a pig
  47. East is East
  48. Ash Rai Loves A Taklu
  49. Get Carter *ing Sly Stallone : Get the barf bag
  50. Bajrang Dal Against The Release Of CCCC
  51. American Desi - go see it
  52. Gladiator: Rebuilding Rome, the Indian way
  53. Indian IMAX theatre : largest screen in the world
  54. Sonali Bendre arrested
  55. Should Hritik visit Nepal ?
  56. American Desi
  57. jasmine dowda
  58. Hari Bhari: Shyam benegal movie
  59. SAlman.....
  60. gladiator the best movie ever
  61. Your top 5 movies
  62. Truly, Madly, Deeply
  63. Which has been the most hilarious movie you have seen so far?
  64. Along Came a Spider - good one!
  65. Shyamalan signs new deal with Disney
  66. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke - good it was supposed to be that way
  67. Jodi No. 1 - Govinda and David Dhawan at it again!
  68. Mohabbatein
  69. One night at Mc'Cools - wickedly funny
  70. Is there a 'different' hindi movie?
  71. B-Grade films are excellent
  72. Hey watch this one
  73. Astitva.... calculated?
  74. hrithik-dont u think .....
  75. Despite being warned I saw Albela
  76. The Mummy Returns... seeing it one time is okay
  77. final destination
  78. Ab aaya Oont pahad ke neeche : Farden now anti-drug lobby's new friend
  79. Lets list your favorite Hindi film on-screen couples
  80. Indian bebes in swimsuits and bikins
  81. Salman gets grilled "Chori Chori Chupke Chupke" by Enforcement Directoraten
  82. Lisa ray shows skin.. and more
  83. Rahul: Lovely movie
  84. Bridget Jones' Diary - nice lazy Saturday afternoon movie
  85. Fav Hollywood Movies
  86. Daman etc
  87. Ek Rishta -- wah kya movie hai
  88. Angel Eyes - Absolutely bakwaas :(
  89. The Senile old man -Dev anand
  90. how long until indian movies are made like english movies?
  91. who is your favourite english/indian actor/actress
  92. Pearl Harbor: Awaiting your reviews
  93. Best Hindi Film Director
  94. Daman
  95. New wave makes way for soft-porn
  97. SWORDFISH - total action thriller timepass
  98. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - eCharchans aapne kya kiya?
  99. Aamir Khan - What's the big deal?
  100. Most refreshsing role / character potrayed
  101. Lagaan - review
  102. Aish nahi to ye hee sahi
  103. Hollywood signs up Lara Dutta
  104. Gadar - what do you think?
  105. AI - Has Steven Speilberg still got the E.T. magic?
  106. "Kaho na pyaar hain" eyeing Guinness entry
  107. Lagaan - Plot not original but adaptation quite superb
  108. Chalo America - Must see (on video)
  109. Worst movies you have seen.
  110. Gadar, Lagaan bring good news for Bollywood
  111. Fans worship Big B on Guru Purnima
  112. Bollywood under Abu Salem's spell
  113. Love Ke liye Kuch bhi Karega : Watch it for Johnny Lever
  114. Bus itna sa khwab hai: Abhishek needs a good director
  115. AKS - Dimaag Ka Dahi
  116. In Custody: review
  117. for those of us in the US....
  118. Yaadein - Traumatic Memories
  119. somebody
  120. Youth held for extortion bid on Manisha Koirala
  121. Salman , akshay and priety
  122. PATCH ADAMS ... why Oscar for best acting eludes Robin Williams?
  123. Pre release review of the movie "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum"
  124. Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat
  125. Dil Chahta Hai
  126. Zubaidaaaa...
  127. The Others
  128. Star Birthdays
  129. Anti Pakistan Movies
  130. Things You Would Never Know without Movies
  131. Oscars
  132. Lets script a movie - what would you like to see?
  133. Cut-Paste Formula!
  134. Blue Movies
  135. Lajja...not just a slick chick flick!
  136. Lajja runs into troubled waters
  137. Disney's Bubble Boy fails to amuse Indians
  138. Bollywood insiders
  139. Aamir a hit with venture capitalists !
  140. Viju Dinanath Chauhan...pura naam!
  141. Apocalypse Now - Redux
  142. Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding stuns the film world
  143. US under attack: Life imitating art?
  144. Film on Maharashtra’s hero Veer Savarkar
  145. Star Telethon tonight
  146. Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai!!!!
  147. Nayak : Good concept but watch it for Johnny Lever
  148. Kyon Ke Main Jhoth Nahin Bolta - Govinda shines!
  149. Memento - Brilliant Movie
  150. side main hato..SANJUBABA aa rayela hai bawa!!!
  151. Ajnabee - Wife swapping, confusion, childish suspense and even Johnny Lever fails
  152. LAJJA - heavy but i would give 3 stars
  153. Chandni Bar - a must see for serious movie lover
  154. Tejaswini squad of CR is felicitated
  155. Where can you rent Marathi movies in Bay Area?
  156. Which regional language do you think has the best movies?
  157. Any new Hindi Films?
  158. kaun hit kaun flop??
  159. Most Memorable role in Flims
  160. 'I wish Bush and Osama Bin Laden see Asoka' : Shah Rukh
  161. Pyar
  162. Favorite TV Shows
  163. New movie Ajanabi---bakwas
  164. Dharam Karam
  165. Asoka......great movie
  166. Any report on INDIAN?
  167. Yeh tera Ghar Yeh mera ghar
  168. Clever Kareena Exploiting Superb And Talented Amesha Patel
  169. Talent VS. Short dresses
  170. Pakistani Films
  171. worst indian films (a really interesting question for all of you)
  172. More About Pakistani Films
  173. Pakistani Film Actresses
  174. Lagaan to be India's entry at the Oscar
  175. Uljhan : Don't miss this one
  176. Has anyone seen the film Uski Roti?
  177. very sexy quiz for all of you(for guys, gays, and girls)
  178. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein-My money said:Rehna Hain Tere Wallet Mein!
  179. what exactly u expect from great movie?
  180. "please Tell Me About Indian Suspense And Murder Mystery Films"
  181. New Slide Shows Of Pakistani Actresses Without Any Errors And Pop Ups
  182. Horror Films
  183. Shame On Indian Film Makers
  184. Movie : ABHAY
  185. Yeh Dil Aashikana, first Hindi film in Afghanistan
  186. Totally Free Superb Net Music For You
  187. Hit hindi movies
  188. where is chandni???????????
  189. What's Wrong With Abhishek Bacchan?
  190. What do you think of concept of cineplexes in India?
  191. Deewanapan......oof kya movie
  192. Tere Mera Saath Rahen - old wine in a new bottle
  193. Harry Potter - Evil sorcery or pure entertainment?
  194. Moksha
  195. DivX movies
  196. Kasam - We stopped it within 20 minutes
  197. Moosa--- Coming On Eid
  198. Star Son & Daughter's Monopoly-- Is It Fair?????
  199. SPY GAME - watch it!
  200. Favourite Flick
  201. Favourite song
  202. The "padd" Scene In Hum Dil Dey Chukey Sanam
  203. Dattak (the Adopted) - see it once
  204. ABCD - I was confused at the end, rather I became a IBCA
  205. Ocean's Eleven - A friend said to avoid it!
  206. Behind the enemy lines - Okie Dokie!!!
  207. Aaaah...great Legend Ashok Kumar Is No More
  208. Your favourite film personality and why
  209. Ehsaas - good movie..
  210. A. Bachchan ... Is he a legend in the making?
  211. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham Complete Story
  212. Vanilla Sky?
  213. Bollywood Calling - A must see!!
  214. Desi P*rn movies.....An idea...
  215. new movie ideas
  216. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham-- Good, ..but Kkhh Kay Muqablaiy Ki Nahin
  217. Dil Wali Films Ka Quiz Sirf Aap Kay Wastey
  218. Aik Word Wali Films Ka Quiz Sirf Aap Ki Khatir
  219. Lets script a movie - Scenario - Indo-Pak tensions after Parliament attack
  220. Indians in Hollywood!
  221. What do you recommend - watch or dont watch Lord of the Rings?
  222. Kabhi Khushi Everytime Ghum!!!
  223. Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupayya - Govinda in a side role
  225. Bawandar: The Sandstorm
  226. check this out
  227. STYLE: Worth watching once.
  228. Monsoon Wedding ...
  229. CIA Using Mariah Carey Movie in Al Qaeda Interrogations
  230. PITAAH : Watch it once
  231. Moulin Rouge - Shama switched it off after 12 minutes
  232. Confuzed
  233. please tell me the meanings
  234. The Best Indian Film Ever Made
  235. What Is Your Vote For Best Actress Of 2001
  236. Who has got his/her job only on sex appeal
  237. Hindi moovie bloopers
  238. Miss India Neha Dhupia... garam maal
  239. Drunk Salman beats up Aishwarya
  240. Pakistani Tv Actress Yasmeen Ismail Died
  241. Yeh Zindagi ka Safaar - scream fest
  242. Tere Liye!
  243. VULGAR picturised songs
  244. Yeh Dil Ashiqaana- Overdose of bad direction
  245. Bhagwan Dada Is dead.
  246. Raaz - Mahesh Bhatt fails trying to be like Ramsay brothers
  247. F_P yaad raakh:
  248. Write a paragraph or sentence using maximum hindi movie names.
  249. Filhal
  250. 'Lagaan' Nominated for Oscars