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  1. miss universe shusmita overshade extremelly talented tabu
  2. Lets Discuss Manoj Kumar! :D
  3. SEXIEST BUTTOCKS wala hero
  4. Kahani Puri filmi Hai
  5. Life without Dick
  6. Shyamak and Preity!!!
  7. behind enemy lines
  8. The One(*ing Jet Li)
  9. Funny..nopes..hilarious..mithunda
  10. Tumko na bhul payange!
  11. Why in India they don't make films like ...
  12. Mitr :- A Friend (reply RIGHT NOW) IS IT WORTH WATCHING
  13. Mitr - a good film but quite predictable
  14. quick question
  15. Why Indian Music Directors Are Copying Pakistani Songs?
  16. Koi mere dil se puche
  17. Company
  18. WHY Ind Movie Producers Not Stealing Talented Paki Female Movie Stars
  19. Where are they now?
  20. Noted filmmaker Nazir Hussain passes away
  21. The Glass House : Chick flick might be copied soon by Bollywood
  22. ********** Simran weds Kamal HAsan **********
  23. Vote For Lagaan NOW !
  24. WHO is the better performer? ameesha or kareena?
  25. The Time Machine
  26. Will Stone cast Big B as Alexander?
  27. pamela anderson has hepatitis
  28. Has any body seen Mahesh Bhatt's "Kartoos"
  29. Has any body seen the 'khalash' song of 'company'
  30. What do you people think of "Sredevi" the actress
  31. LAGAAN misses OSCARS
  32. Technically Lacklustre 74th Oscar awards
  33. Hindi songs in MPEG format..??
  34. Bhojpuri Films - Hidden gems of comedy
  35. Chanakya
  36. dimple in dil chahta hai
  37. Who is the most best & versatile actor???
  38. asha..it was nirasha
  39. Who Is The Most Vulgar Heroine
  40. Rajinikanth -- the heavy metal fan?
  41. Aankhein - Amitabh and Paresh Rawal dazzle - must see
  42. Amitabh..wrong Choice For Aankhen
  43. Amitabh Bachchan Or Nana Pateekar?
  44. VADH...a superb film
  45. Fardeen:he Surely Got The Right "job"
  46. Netra's Daughter In Film "aankhain"
  47. So many American Made Desi Movies
  48. Suggest good movies for a DVD collection
  49. Do blue films movies reflect mentality of a nation?
  50. Weakest Link
  51. for NETRA JI and echarcha pai...i can't tolerate your "naraazgi"
  52. Indian girl bends it like Beckham
  53. Who Is The Most Handsome, Good Looking And Dashing Hero?
  54. spoof of indian movie songs
  55. Is "VADH" morally right? Suspense revealed. If u have not watched it stay out.
  56. Who Is The Most Cute Heroine Of Bollywood???
  57. Who Is The Most Graceful Heroine Of Bollwood?
  58. What Is Your Alltime Favourite???
  59. best sience- fiction (sci-fi ) movie ever
  60. Ali Haider's First Pakistani Film...watch The Beautiful Website
  61. Another Pakistani Film "yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua"--enjoy The Web Site
  62. Company
  63. Company - MIssing something
  64. BIG Trouble For The B's
  65. Can waqar please stop listing the names of any new films released
  66. AAP MUJHEY ACCHEY LAGNEY LAGEY... a disappointing film
  67. Which Is The Most Attractive And Better Couple?
  68. which is the better and more attractive couple/
  69. ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  70. The Scorpion King - WWF re-packaged
  71. PYAR DEEWANA HOTA HAI...excellent story/ old treatment
  72. Did you like Se7en ?
  73. ANSH - A thought provoking movie
  74. K3G bloopers
  75. Spiderman
  76. Satya vs Company
  77. has any1 seen or watched adhoora
  78. "aap Mujhe Achchhe Lagne Lage"
  79. New York falls in love with Aamir,Bollywood.
  80. NA TUM JANO NA HUM-- brilliant movie...a must see afetr dil chahta hai
  81. Divine Temple - Khajurao.
  82. Kabooter
  83. Bollywood's Sex Symbols: Look who's won the race!
  84. Hrithik Roshan turns down offer to act in Hollywood
  85. Bhai log Information needed
  86. a really stupid question!
  87. Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lagey - The suspense of the year.
  88. Kapoor's Blood
  89. REVIEW of paki film "chalo ishq larain"
  90. My favourite paki film haeroine-RESHAM
  91. Surprise film - The Salton Sea
  92. X-Files : Is it over?
  93. Hooray for Bollywood
  94. Movies like Mulholland Drive
  95. Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
  96. *DANGER* movie hai bhai
  97. Na Tum Jano Na hum - When will they stop ripping off Saajan?
  98. The best director of bollywood.
  99. Who is the real LEGEND of hindi cinema?
  100. prepare to laugh
  101. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  102. sum of all fears
  103. It's Boom time for Big B
  104. Hum Bore ho Chuke Sanam
  105. Kaho Naa Bekaar Hai / Kaho Naa Pyaar hai
  106. Badshow
  108. Funniest & odd hindi film names
  109. Does anyone like period drama?
  110. Hum Kisise Kum Nahin - now you analyse this!
  111. Bhagat Singh - Which Version will you watch
  112. Bhagat Singh - Which version of Bhagat Singh will you watch
  113. top 10 most Annoying Actor/Actress of al time
  114. should we give waqar what he deserves?
  115. Qaidi..
  116. WHO killed the CAT???
  117. Plot No. 5 - A Hindi suspense film
  118. Best title for NETRA JI
  119. Bhagat Singh Movies
  120. Insomnia
  121. Rambha
  122. For SUNJAY DUTT lovers
  123. I am new here
  124. Hari Bhari-- A Fantastic & Beautiful Film
  125. How many of you use NetFlix for Indian movies?
  126. has anyone saw film"SURAJ KA SATVAAN GODHA"
  127. Lagaan review by Amreekan
  128. Mere Yaar Ki Shadi Hai, Hamari Zubani
  129. The Bourne Identity - turning a great novel into a trashy tabloid
  130. Company
  131. Is there someone place on the internet to download indian movies?
  132. Shaheed is a awesome movie
  133. Awright .. What Am I missing??
  134. X-tra special halls for X-rated films
  135. bhagat singh
  136. Bhagat Singh..wasted sacrifice
  137. 16 December - desi version of Sum of All Fears
  138. Laal Salaam - see it once on VHS/DVD
  139. Minority Report
  140. Awaara Paagal Deewana
  141. Bhagat singh by Ramanand Sagar.
  142. Aankhen
  143. Kya Dil Ne Kaha - Bekwaas
  144. Devdas...flop or hit ?
  145. Mulholland Dr - Did not understand this movie
  146. 'Quickies' get popular in Bollywood
  147. Who is into Scary/Horror Movies ?
  148. What you think of story of film Mother India?
  149. In Sharabi movie why they not send Amitabh to Alcoholic treatment?
  150. Has any one seen Humraaz? the new one.
  151. Langoliers - Stepehen Kings airline horror
  152. Jennifer Lopez in Telugu films?
  153. Devdas Rocks!!!!!
  154. Forget Devdas and Bend it Like Beckham
  155. Devdas---a Big Disappointment
  156. Rani Mukharji
  157. Devdas Ki story apun ki zabani...
  158. Badhai Ho Badhai - Badhai if you did not see this one!
  159. Did Ankhein have two endings??
  160. List of over-actors in Hindi films`
  161. Please suggest some "worth spending 9 bucks in theatre" recent English films
  162. Four gangsters killed on way to kidnap Manisha
  163. Big B, Shahrukh, 5 others served notices under FERA
  164. Pirates of Silicon Valley
  165. Kya Dil Ne Kaha - Some Random Thoughts
  166. Kuch Tum Kaho, Kuch Hum Kahe - Kya purana idea vapas pesh kiya hain
  167. Austin Powers - Goldmember
  168. 87,600.......eeeessssshhhhh
  169. So how did Devdas really fare at the box office?
  170. Om Jai Jagdish - Anupam Kher please just act, dont direct
  171. Old Hindi Movies and Home Theaters
  172. Signs - Will M Night Shyamlan be the next Spielberg?
  173. Shararat - Abhishekh Bacchan needs a hit desperately
  174. Did 'Sholay' has two ending ?
  175. So you want to be a Movie/TV star?
  176. Yeh hai jalwa -- I hate Ameesha Patel
  177. Dialogues that we learnt from movies
  178. Kya Dil Ne Kaha - Paisa doob gaya
  179. The gist about Devdas - could not help but share it
  180. Everybody says I am fine (Dont miss this movie at all )
  181. Rim Jhim Gire Sawaan
  182. Ankhiyon Se Goli Mare - Govinda returns!!
  183. Meray yaar kee shaadi hai
  184. Kamal Hassan to pledge his organs to college
  185. I wish I was a mumbai University's dramatics or Arts student instead of Comp Engg !!!
  186. Manisha Koirala drags producer to court
  187. Mujhse Dosti Karoge Crap....
  188. Jaani Dushman
  189. Has anyone seen "Awara Paagal Deewana"?
  190. SHOWTIME - Eddie Murphy is not funny and Robert De Niro should choose better scripts
  191. More Bollywood English films
  192. Sanjay Dutt and latest released telfphon conversation
  193. Pakistani Movies are more enjoyable then Hindi movies ...
  194. Now Salman is scared - Salman registers police complaint about threat
  195. What Happened to Your Indian Culture and Values
  196. Bollywood Lift-offs
  197. Film Industry - ye news nahee joke hai
  198. Amitabh Bachchan is not the number 1
  199. Online Hindi Movies ?
  200. Devdas
  201. Watching Kaante can be a hisssing experience !!!
  202. It's Coming..........
  203. Which Movie Star would you love to WAKE UP with
  204. Gobi Ke Parathe (Muje se dosti karogi)
  205. Company: Awesome Movie!
  206. Rajni Fans....
  207. Ek choti si love story
  208. Soch - The thought that kills (the audience)
  209. Chhal - a good timepass underworld movie
  210. Chor Machaye Shor - David Dhawan gets it right this time
  211. Van Wilder - "Hilaa"-rious
  212. Road
  213. Agni Varsha
  214. Ek Chhoti Si Love Story
  215. Maine Dil Tujhko Diya
  216. yet another 'inspired from another thread'
  217. Guess the Films.
  218. Morons at the video store and Bend it like Beckham
  219. Why we are always making fun or hating of Hindi films?
  220. Sur
  221. Maine Tujhko Agni Varsha Diya
  222. Shakthi
  223. Pyaar koi khel nahi.
  224. Quentin trantino,Jackie Brown and the Delfonics...
  225. Will you accept 90 minute Hindi Films instead of the usual 180 minute saga?
  226. Dil Tumhara Hain - Headache Audience Ka hai
  227. Loved Devdas? See 7 versions at IFFI
  228. Road - Ram Gopal Verma copied Kurt Russel starrer 'Breakdown'
  229. Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat - makes you wonder 'yeh kaisi film' ?
  230. Very funny Peugot 206 adverstisement released in India
  231. Which is your most favorite Ad??
  232. Shammi Kapoor Rocks!!!
  233. Pyaasa - Yukta Mukhi should only contest beauty contests, Aftaab does well
  234. Nepali Actress Suicide
  235. Just heard on local Indian program - Dina Pathak dead
  236. Vivek Oberoi - A Real Hero
  237. Shakti - watch it for Nana Patekar and Karisma
  238. Anybody seen XXX?
  239. jackass the movie
  240. NBC show - Fear Factor - Bravery or plain gross and nauseating?
  241. Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hain - American Pie remake stretches Hindi cinema cultural envelope
  242. Hathyar - Mahesh Manjrekar pulls it off well like Vastaav
  243. Z TV and family time
  244. Dewangee - Ajay Devgun good, First half Primal Fear, Second Half Bull Crap
  245. Winona Ryder won't face jail time after theft conviction - Why??
  246. Best Villain of Indian Cinema
  247. The Godfather 1 and 2 over a rainy weekend
  248. Fire.. Insipid, stupid, bland, KLPD.
  249. Badal. UMMM what can I say..
  250. Saathiyaa alias Alaipayuthe (Tamil Original)