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  1. Mumbai bandh???
  2. Reservation Policy
  3. Adult Franchise
  5. Capital punishment in India
  6. Autonomy in Kashmir
  7. Indian Politics rule the press and other medias
  8. State Reorganisation Bills! I want a Mumbai State
  9. What needs change?Constitution or Hinduism?
  10. militray rule in india ?
  11. Independence day - destruction day : warning
  12. 15h August &14th august 1947
  13. Salaam Walekum on Independence Day!
  14. Reall Life of Indian people after 50 years of Independence
  15. Indian PM visit to USA next month : What should we ask of USA?
  16. Double Standard of USA
  17. Independence Day - 4th July and 15th August
  18. kashmir issue : new perspective
  19. HAJ-payee
  20. India's Billion!
  21. Reservations in India.
  22. Wow! CPM asks TDP to withdraw support to central NDA govt.
  23. comments regardin bapuji
  24. Indian Judiciary- "Teri bhi cup meri bhi chup"
  25. Is 'Jana Gana Mana' our REAL national anthem?
  26. BJP and like minded are biggest player for cast based politics
  27. Sonia Gandhi condemns Indian betrayal of Palestinians
  28. Crime against Dalits in India.
  29. Hizjra bhi politics mein : Eunuch runs for mayor in India
  30. BJP bashing = (so called) secularism in India
  31. Vajpayee ji - Give up Kashmir!
  32. Vajpayeeji you should have blown up the hijacked IA flight!!!
  33. Will friendship festivals help India and Pak to end their differences?
  34. A new man, a sign of hope but unfortunatly he turns out to be of same lot
  35. Mamta (No Mamta) Bannerjee
  36. RE: Crime against Dalits in India --> hidden activites of dalit organization !!
  37. Shoot them before it start - Dalistan/Tamilstan
  38. Learn From our Brave Brothers of Punjab
  39. Should India become member of OIC?
  40. What are Human Right Violations
  41. Now that we have offered a unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir
  42. A Pakistani views on Kashmir
  43. Walk A Mile in My Shoes!
  44. What exactly is happening in Tibet?
  45. What about a Uniform Civil Code?
  46. Questions for Indians
  47. What is this Ahmedi sect ??
  48. Reforms in the Reservations policy
  49. Jihad Funded by selling of Drugs,Heroine...
  50. What could we do..
  51. Crime against Dalits in India - 2
  52. Pakistani site Hacked
  53. For all non Indian visitors
  54. Kashmir cease-fire extended : Will this lead to a peaceful resolution?
  55. Miliatants Strom Red Fort In Delhi
  56. RSS now targets New Year revelries
  57. Reservation for Villagers
  58. General Impression of motherland
  60. Pakistan.java
  61. Does pakistan or pukestan have any rules?
  62. Indians, Pakistanis play patriotic games on Net
  63. Maha Kumbh Mela
  64. India should not give Kashmir away
  65. Sonia Gandhi and Congress Presidency
  66. India-China relations: Are we on track or on rocky ground?
  67. Paki forum Copy of Echarcha
  68. Good article guys
  69. Should we fix the term of Lok-Shabha?
  70. The Realist Exposed
  71. Traitors
  72. Something that really bothered me
  73. Ram Temple in 2002
  74. BBC news on Kashmir
  75. Why do we need an aurangzeb? we have our own aurangzeb in India!
  76. Map without Kashmir......
  77. Best Time To Disintegrate India....
  78. What 2 changes would you make to the Constituion?
  79. General Confusion ?
  80. Gujrat earthquake and the pathetic attitude of STAR TV's Big Fight
  81. Are our buildings safe? (Star TV Bigfight on 10.02.2001)
  82. Mr. Balasaheb Thakrey sir! Where was your ban when Michael Jackson danced?
  83. For all Humans (Not for Pakis)
  84. Unjust Indian Infidels
  85. india rulz or what{{{{{{{imp}}}}}}}
  86. Article 370 On Kashmir
  87. RSS Stand on Ayodhya
  88. Role of Indian National Congress in
  89. Halal -Method of Killing animals
  90. adopt any one system/rule/law from any other country and implement in India
  91. Does Hinduism allow meat eating?
  92. Which animal do like the most and why????
  93. Kashmir Problem: The root cause (& reply to Aurangzeb)
  94. Why dont these Ass'ole Pakis and islamists
  95. Pukis as a nation
  96. Kashmir is our unfinished agenda: Pak
  97. Bangladesh to decide India's future
  98. Question over Kashmir
  100. Madras and Bombay
  101. Hindu infidels are now disillusioned
  102. Tehelka expose - We the people
  103. what happened to the 2 set of video from tehelka.com
  104. What India needs.....
  105. Thackeray Bina -La- Din Demands/Commands Brajesh Mishra to resign - Will ABV ??
  106. Why Science Declined In Ancient India
  107. New Definition ?
  108. The critera for Voting in Indian democracy
  109. Star TV Big Fight: Tehelka Expose - Should the govt. go?
  110. Legalize corruption....
  111. Meltdown In Pakistan
  112. Tehelka : Mayawati deplores singling out Bangaru Laxman
  113. Is this a fallout of tehelka expose? CBI cracks down on Sonia's aide
  114. Infidels kick ass !!
  115. The Tehelka Conundrum--the Genesis Of Corruption
  116. Is Tehelka becoming a trial by media?
  117. What would happen if....
  118. Ambedkar - A Scary Fact !!!!
  119. There is nothing wrong with Chatur Varna
  120. The only solution
  121. RSS - a danger to Hinduism
  122. Why Indian Muslims are against India?
  123. Will the real Tarun Tejpal stand up please?
  124. Condition of Pakistan: To whom should the nation blame?
  125. The U.N., racism and caste
  126. Balasaheb needs a kick on his ***t
  128. Pak diplomat held with RDX in Nepal
  129. for all
  130. The Beginning Of India's End
  131. Crisis in Parliament - an open letter to Ms. Barkha Dutt
  133. Should we have reservation for Dalits in private sector
  134. India should have a Social Security type identification number for all citizens
  135. Left, Sena join hands for Maharashtra bandh
  136. how difficult it is to reform the indian system ?
  137. Who is best candidate for PM after Vajpayee
  138. US of A
  139. Aren't you concerned ???????
  140. indian leaders should be killed....
  141. Shiv Sena activists beat up Asian Age reporter
  142. Is the Media acting Responsiblly
  143. Indo-Pak peace - If you were the PM, your peace initiatives would be..??
  144. Ambedkariets
  145. Creation of 3 new states an intelligent step....
  146. How insensitive and abusive is this religion is ??-
  147. Kashmir issue ...
  148. How IITs practise untouchability
  149. Should Sonia Gandhi head the Congress(I) party?
  150. i want reservations
  151. State Autonomy: Indian Version as Viewed by Pakistan
  152. Visit www.ambedkar.org
  153. Mera Bharat Mahan: Any hope???
  154. SHould Indian politicians take public speaking courses?
  155. corrupt Jaya Becomes CM: Mera Bharat Mahaan: Any Hope??
  156. What happens to the cases against Jayalalitha
  157. Would you like VISA system for big metroes?
  158. Lets take stock of Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha...
  159. Is India a lost cause?
  160. Telangana
  161. India the regional rogue
  162. Good ol' nursery rhymes
  163. Are we heading for yet another mid-term poll?
  164. Presidential form of government: Good? Bad? Feasible? for India?
  165. Needed Progressive Muslim Leaders
  166. Paki response to India's peace offer
  167. Koi mujhe bataye
  168. There is hope for India and Pak
  169. Star TV Big Fight: Can Vajpayee and Musharraf end Kashmir strife
  170. Indo-Pak Peace Meet
  171. Voting Rights for NRI's
  172. Literate Politicians!! What for??
  173. inspired thread
  174. Inspired thread
  175. Nagpur shuts down on arrest of corporators
  176. Bhutto to visit India ahead of Musharraf
  177. Should Benezir be called before Musharaff
  178. How would you broker a peace soultion to Kashmir problem?
  179. Is catching Veerapan really that much tough???
  180. Indian Atrocities In Kashmir
  181. Dirty Politics !
  182. Attrocities Against Dalits
  183. Will Kashmir Be Given To Pakistan Like We Gave Away Mohenjedaro And Harrapa
  184. Morons of India, unite?
  185. why do these politicians have a penchant to fly to accident site!!
  186. Possible result of Vajpayee-Mushy dialogue
  187. Would you vote for this guy?
  188. Why so much hatred for Gandhi?
  189. STAR TV: Big Fight: Can Democracy return to Pakistan?
  190. India's Nuclear Policy
  191. Massive snub against Pervezji !!!
  192. 2001 achievements!!!!!!
  193. Musharraf to be usurped???
  194. Iran and India
  195. One Simple Question!
  196. President's Rule in Tamil Nadu?
  197. STAR TV: Big Fight: Does any one care for North Eastern States?
  198. Fact Sheet on Kashmir
  199. for those who says Kashmir IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF INDIA
  200. Faking heart attacks when arrested
  201. A solution to the Kashmir problem
  202. Cut on AMARNATH YATRIS this year
  203. What to do with Musharaf?
  204. Vajpayee -Musharraf meet over Kashmir: What will Vajpayee say next?
  205. The July 2001 Indo-Pak meet over Kashmir: Your opinion?
  206. Bahujans in Indian Society
  207. Has India lost will to rule Kashmir?
  208. Indo-Pak summit: An open letter to Prime Minister Vajpayee
  209. Asassination of Bal Thackrey??
  210. India Pak to resume playing cricket ...
  211. Is NDA rule a rule of National Insults?
  212. Musaraff is Indian at Heart...
  213. Star TV Big Fight, 14th July
  214. Why Gandhi is hated in India
  215. The Invisible Hand !
  216. Looking forward to welcome ABV in Pakistan!
  217. Taliban's latest joke
  218. US relations with India/China
  219. better I QUIT!
  220. The Juice is in the News
  221. why are we resisting Christianity?
  222. Do you agree with PM's statement blaming Pakistan for
  223. Ethical Misconduct - Mahatma Gandhi ?
  224. Why Agra Summit Failed?
  225. Is ASSAM going to be another Kashmir?
  226. My Friend Goes to a Don - A moral Dilemma !!!!
  227. Jaya, Karuna decline to comment on PM's offer to resign
  228. Mosque demolished
  229. The Red Bandits of India !
  230. Hindu Hardliners and Hindu Softliners
  231. Advani
  232. Atal Bihari Visiting US
  233. U.P.
  234. Watch out for fireworks on Independance day
  235. Best Chief Ministers
  236. Would you enter politics
  237. Once again mixing religion with politics: Imam urges economic sanctions against Israe
  238. Ganesh Chaturthi to be made a Parliamentary holiday??
  239. Tehalka again
  240. Is Vajpayee a 'fit' PM?
  241. Saffronization Of Education.
  242. Start countdown: When will we lose North East?
  243. 'India is censoring discussion of caste'
  244. Sixteen killed in Kashmir
  245. Not religion, not class, but caste
  246. Vajpayee, Advani, Sudarshan Should Accept Islam - Safdar Nagori {simi Head}
  247. Shiv Sainiks Go On Rampage
  248. Given a chance which one politician from history would you like to slap?
  249. Wake Up DUMB HINDUS !!!!!!
  250. Topless PMK MLA creates a flutter in TN Assembly