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July 31st, 2002, 10:36 AM
Well if the thermometer tips 104 (adults. Children under 3 months the scale is 101 degrees and 3 to 6 months is 103).. call your doctor first. If there is no way to reach a doctor or there will be considerable delay in getting to a doctor your first priority should be to lower the body temperature.

Ways to lower body temperature.

Give the victim a sponge bath.

The patient will refuse to come out of blankets due to chills but try to reduce layers of blanket. blankets do not help lower the temperature.

If available give one dose (not more) of acetaminophen (paracetamol/chrocin/tylenol).

Take a bowl of cold water (put a cube or 2 of ice not more) and dip a cloth in it, squeez out water so it does not drip and puton the forehead of the patient.

Ice pack application on forehead works too. BUT DONOT KEEP IT in one place. Keep rubbing it on the forehead and top of the head, cheeks and feet but not for long (meaning keep it intermitant).

I had to do this past few days and I am telling this after personal experience.

Fever with chills can be caused by various factors so do not ignore it and rush to a doctor as soon as you can if the body temperature rises to 104.

Chill everyone.

July 31st, 2002, 10:50 AM
Link? Is this approved by doctors? Or is this your personal opinion?

July 31st, 2002, 10:59 AM
Pelu, with the extra blankets the patient will sweat a lot causing the body temperature to lower. Dont you think so?

July 31st, 2002, 10:59 AM
Good call tinda.


This is specifically for children.

I did what I did based on what I was taught in a survival course during my student days. Worked like a charm I have to add. I used the cold water with ice and an ice pack to bring down the patients temperature but I have to add the patient was an adult and not a child.


This one discusses the topic in great detail but I did not check these before I resorted to what I did.. it was more instinctive based on what I learned long ago.

July 31st, 2002, 11:02 AM
Originally posted by nydood
Pelu, with the extra blankets the patient will sweat a lot causing the body temperature to lower. Dont you think so?

Well the sweating will happen if the internal body temperature stabilizes or goes down. Shivering increases the internal body temperature to counter the external temperature and covering with a blanket does not actually help. You should make sure the internal body temperature stays down so better option is to give a sponge bath. Quick rise in internal body temperature can lead to convulsions and can cause serious sideeffects.

July 31st, 2002, 11:50 AM
pelu dada i remeber when my daughter was 2 years old she got this high fever (104) i rushed to urgent care and the bugger told me this is normal do not worry kids this age will have such a high temprature and the reason for that is ear infection.

That bugger told me if this fever continues for more than 2 days even after taking all the prescribed medcine than we will see otherwise their is nothing to worry. And i still remeber those painful nights when we did all those home remedy told by the elders in India like sponge bath, ice packs etc. etc.

July 31st, 2002, 11:58 AM
After 6 months of age, 104 (that should be the max if it shows sign of going above it.. its a red flag) is not a big reason to worry but it does mean we try to contain it and bring it down. Usually it is because of infection (both bacteria/viral) and the temp goes down as the body wins its fight against the bacteria/virus so its important to see a doc (so he can prescribe antibiotic which is not OTC unlike in India).

The docs usually give you a antibiotic and some otc tablet to counter the fever and pretty nonchalantly tell you not to worry its part of their job. But as parents its our job to worry and so we do that part pai :D The doctors see all these cases on a daily basis and so become very impersonal about it.

Super Girl
July 31st, 2002, 12:00 PM
My son is prone to extremely high fever majorly due to viral fevers and ear infections.

It easily reaches 105 F. But since he can withstand high temps, the pediatricians have told me not to worry, becuase it is also good meachnism to fight infection. In fact he is so active until his fever reaches 103.5-104. After that he slows down and I know that somethings wrong. I immediately give him some kids advil and give him a warm bath.

I remember the first time he had high fever, he was 18 months, it reached 106 F I was frantic. But I was more worried about the fever than anything else. So I put him in bath. Had his fever come down and meanwhile my hubby called the doctor. Knew ER was useless. It always is unless under extreme trauma cases. And since the fever had gone down rapidly, the doctor just asked us to relax and get him the next day for a sick visit.

High fever happen a lot and I have now gotten used to it. I respond to it in the normal way and this way everybdoy stays calm.

But please do not try this at home. Each person has his/her won ways of battling fever. or maybe I am a bad mother.

BTW, this does not hold true for kids under 12 months.

July 31st, 2002, 12:06 PM
I start my remedies (sponge batch et. al) be it kid or adult the moment it reaches 104. 105 Poses a serious risk of mascular convulsions and I am a little paranoid of that as I have seen it happen to some one I knew and it took months for that person to recover (reason might have been different though.. but that image is enough for me). Then I take the person to the doc at the first chance available and get the antibiotics etc to help the body wage the war against the bacteria. I start to monitor temperature hourly once it reaches 103.

Super Girl
July 31st, 2002, 12:15 PM

I have this infrared thermometer that you swipe across the forehead from one end to the other.

it is highly accurate. Just like the anal thermometer.

Works like magic and the kids do even realize the pain associated with the anal thermometer. ifyou mess up it tells yo that too. :D

Expensive (about $100), but worth it. I do not like ear thermometers because for young kids it isn't accurate at all. The nozzle is too big for their tiny ear canal.

I highly recommend it.

July 31st, 2002, 12:24 PM
Wow.. I am gonna get it pronto. I currently use a digital one and take readings from armpit. I aint too big into stuffing things into my kids A$$.. I am sure they (the kids) are throwing choice of curses on their parents who insert things into kids butts to measure temp. I will get this infra red one next visit to the pharmacy.

Super Girl
July 31st, 2002, 12:28 PM
I will give you the brand. You will not get it in the pharmacy. Babies R Us is better bet. i got it from there. Never saw it at the pharmacy. I think you can buy it online too.

Let me go home and e-mail you the details.

July 31st, 2002, 12:30 PM
Originally posted by nydood
Pelu, with the extra blankets the patient will sweat a lot causing the body temperature to lower. Dont you think so?

Once there was a situtaion where this person had very high fever. The doctor was called. The doctor immediately advised and ensured that all blankets were removed and the patient was given a cold water bath!!

We were worried that this might worsen the situation. The doctor said that any cold or pneumonia taht would happen due to this could be handled with medication but the most important point was to reduce the body temperature as there could be adverse effects on the brain if the body temperature rose beyond a certain level and could cause more complications.

The advise was followed and the patient just got a heavy onset of cold, but that was treated later with medications. The brain did not suffer due to the high temperatures and the patient was saved.

Super Girl
July 31st, 2002, 12:32 PM

you are lucky!!!!

the prices have gone down dramatically in the last two years!

here it is at Amazon..


July 31st, 2002, 12:33 PM
Coolz.. I will get that thanks SG.

Super Girl
July 31st, 2002, 12:33 PM
anytime :)

all the best!

July 31st, 2002, 12:43 PM
This happened during my hostel days. I had a relapse of Typhoid and my temp. shot up to 106. I was stripped completely and wrapped in iced and wet bed-sheets. Two of my friends were there. And there were two nurses too.

Saleem Bhai
July 31st, 2002, 01:07 PM
Originally posted by Big-G
This happened during my hostel days. I had a relapse of Typhoid and my temp. shot up to 106. I was stripped completely and wrapped in iced and wet bed-sheets. Two of my friends were there. And there were two nurses too.
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February 13th, 2006, 02:23 PM
As usual, the western medicine systems screws up the patient:D

I say it is totally unwise to bring down the body temperature artificially. This is because all that heat is generated by the body to fight the disease causing agents...if you decrease the heat you are essentially interfering with the operation of the body's defense system...obviously you have to seek refuge in medicines:D

My experience (with myself) is that no matter how high the temperature, if you just drink slightly salted water (no medicine) and rest...fever will eventually subside and you should then start off with light food to regain strength.

If we let our body do its job, most doctors will go to the bed hungry:D